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Earl Carlo Guevarra, THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG, is a gaming and writing enthusiast.

This guy has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education from Middle East Technical University in 2015.

The author also spends his time messing around with CSGO2ASIA, Metronoia and War Robots.

Other times, he has published some different stuff, a list of which can be seen here.

He is interested in society and obviously, he does not have a lot of friends – which is a testament to his cerebral tendencies.

However, the author keeps the ones that he has in his bloody chest. Or does he?

Anyhow, as a person, he is usually retained, even though he gets excited quite easily. He is described as “vibrant” by people around him…or not, because he is shitty and wants to spend time alone at a place of his choice, just ’cause.

He tries his best to be friendly, though he’d rather see the world destroyed at times. EXTERMINATUS in 3…2…1…

Oh, by the way, did he tell you that he wants to be a professional writer, become a lecturer of creative writing and that he loves fruit shakes?

TL;DR: part-writer, part-reader, part-gamer and supposedly part-creative.


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  1. Sky Woman Reply

    I’m an insta-fan! Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • dreamslayer28 Post authorReply

      thank you for the kind words! hope you keep on reading…and best of luck going further!

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