Timeless Part 2: A Primary Step Back In Time


Here are our fast takes for this year’s Timeless musical/show!

Best in Overall Design for Timeless (Costume, Stage Design, Technical Application): Grades 1, 2 and 3

This has already been expected from the get-go. Many of the teachers who worked with this production already got at least one of the awards in previous years.

They could have gotten the Direction of a Musical portion if they only did the dialogue, play and singing portions better during their number.

Best Female Performer: Aurelia Nasution

She dances with grace on the stage. Her aura and stage presence is phenomenal. Ms. Nasution outshines every performer in the musical, move-for-move, and hands-down.

Best Male Performer: Harris Hakimi

His remarkable frontline performance ensured that all eyes were on the Grade 5 show. I would dare to say that it’s the kind of talent that shows up once every five years or so.

Best Musical for Timeless (Choreography and Direction of a Musical*): Grade 5

Yes, I won’t mince words on this one for Timeless. If they didn’t perform during the first part of the musical, you would mistake them for a production by students from a high school class.

While the musical didn’t feel like a theatre musical this year – the musical produced good dance performances and this grade level, guided by their teacher, was the one who stood out the most.

Breakout Performance for Timeless: Preschool Department

In the past, the Preschool was only known for its “cuteness” factor. Not this time around, as they showed that they can dance and perform big time.

Honorable Mention: Grade 6

Good dialogue. Enough said.

*I would have given the Direction of a Musical to the Grade 4 if not for the fact that it was already a pre-planned (and surprise) performance instead of a “main” part of the show. With that being said, the hand mimes provided a great and wonderful break from the usual routine of the previous years!

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