May 19, 2024
2023 Project Entropy Review

Here’s a 2023 Project Entropy review for you, with all the hard jabs and punches!

Project Entropy is a mobile strategy game with numerous science fiction elements. It is published by FunPlus (a Chinese tech company) and the game’s full launch is slated to be in 2024 – in other words, this game is still in beta phase/early access!!!

In this piece, I’ll discuss the following five aspects: in-game elements, replayability, viability (F2P/P2W divide), bugs, and of course, the community. After all, games don’t survive these days without an active and supportive community!

In-Game Elements

The mechanics of the game are simple on a micro level: level up, collect heroes/vehicles/items, form suitable lineups, and fight in both PVE and PVP settings. As for the macro level, officers and leaders have to set up tactics, strategies, and buffs on the field to give their respective alliances the best chance to win (and do diplomacy off the battlefield via PMs, Facebook, Discord, or a social media platform of their choice).

Graphics and visuals-wise, Project Entropy is definitely one of the more unique games out there – and the designs are pretty interesting. My personal favorite would be Lex Bloom, who has a video game controller while floating on an anti-grav platform with a lollipop and an animated cat! That’s some dedication to detail there!


The game’s longevity is pretty good, though based on my observations, around 5% of players quit between seasons in the servers that I was in (37 in Season 1/20010 in Season 2). As for the game’s replayability, many of the in-game activities do get repetitive at some point; however, wars of any kind are always popular among players (especially the ones that involve big stakes such as grudge wars or the battles for the level 16/18 centers!)

Project Entropy can do more in-game and/or server-wide events and flesh out the lore for the campaign to really keep the players hooked.


While the game gives obvious advantages to its VIPs and paying players, free-to-play players should be able to enjoy the game and have some chances in the battlefield, unlike in War Robots where it’s simply egregious and unfair. Project Entropy is one of the fairer ones that I’ve seen in recent memory.

Personally, I was able to finish in the top 30 of Server 20010’s arena rankings during Season 2 without spending a single cent. I also got a war-efficient lineup that could get 2 kills for every troop killed across all enemies on the battlefield, get the top 10 trophy rank on the server, finish the Grod Wars on time, and contribute to the alliance’s win at the top (thus getting the SS rank). It’s frankly more than I expected and I am extremely happy about my own performance and lineup this season – having a lineup that can beat almost everyone in the server is not bad!

For what it’s worth, Project Entropy is a viable and playable game for the free-to-play players out there!


There are a lot of language and performance bugs in the game. The former is due to the fact that the localization is still ongoing, while the performance bugs are mostly due to connection issues…and ongoing optimization issues in the game. You can count an endless litany of them: Placeholders, unfamiliar language, unclear flavor text, unclear descriptions, shadow clones, being unable to click on a behemoth after visiting the base for some period of time, text suddenly becoming unclear in Arena, etc. – the list can go on and on.

Given the developers’ recent activity though, these problems should be addressed before the global launch of the game sometime in 2024.


The community’s pretty active. There’s an official Facebook and Discord page and the moderators are extremely helpful. There’s a positive atmosphere – even in the unofficial Facebook groups and Discord servers. My personal observation is that there’s a lot of interaction between players across different servers, which is good for the overall health of the game.

Would I recommend this game to other players?

Given that it’s playable even without spending a single dime and that the developers are trying their best to optimize the game, I would definitely recommend this game to friends and other players who might be looking for a strategy game to play.

Hoping that you enjoyed this 2023 Project Entropy review! Good luck and good hunting on the battlefield!

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