May 22, 2024
Good Performance in Project Entropy
How do you measure good performance in Project Entropy? How do you objectively identify good players? Read on to find out!

Many players, especially those new to the game, might wonder what’s the measure of good performance in Project Entropy. One might argue that having big power, fully-decked lineups, prominent clans, behemoth first-kills, etc., may be the measure of a good player.

However, this doesn’t apply to many players, so how do we measure good performance at all levels and all instances in the game?

The answer to that would be kill-death ratios in field PVP – whether it’s from wars, skirmishes, trophy hunts, you name it.

Now, unlike in many games where KDR is used to pad stats, kill-death ratio is important in a game like Project Entropy, due to the following reasons:

  • Reserves are limited: There’s only so much that you can buy with gold per day before you run out of them. If you run out of reserves, you’re wiped out!
  • You need numbers to capture a beacon, a Grod Site, win a war, or the Monitor Center: Entropy is a numbers game. The more you kill, the less enemies there will be, and the bigger the chances that you’ll outlast them and win the war!
  • Top players can only kill so much: There’s a soft power cap in place. Sure, you’ll be scared of that #1 player, but if you kill all his/her clanmates, the battle’s as good as over!
  • Killing leaders, officers, and important players is big: Killing players with good lineups impacts the entirety of the battle.
  • Every player is important in a war: Yes, each player is a cog in a machine. Disrupt that cog rhythm and you’re more than likely to win the battle.

The model

Simply divide the number of kills and deaths per battle. Maximize your deaths only to the number of troops that you actually have (say, you had 30000 kills and had 50000 damage but only got 24000 troops, so remove the 26000 and divide as 30000/24000) to arrive at the final rating, which is 1.2.


If you are:

  • 0.6 and below: Your lineup is too weak, not fit for field wars, or you always get ambushed and/or don’t know positioning.
  • 0.7-1.1: You are an average player.
  • 1.2-1.5: You are better than at least 80% of the players on your server.
  • 1.6-1.9: You are better than at least 95% of the players on your server.
  • 2.0 and above: Either you spend a lot in the game, get very good RNG, a VIP, or you’re simply extremely good at staying behind your line while your friends tank for you!

Weakness of this model

It doesn’t account for things like “heal tank” or “fallout heal” PVP fights. However, if you remove these from the calculation and focus on actual PVP fights, you’ll see that the model works consistently.

Parting notes

It’s pretty easy to evaluate a good player in the game. You just have to see how they perform on the battlefield!

We hope that you enjoyed this guide on good performance in Project Entropy!

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