May 22, 2024
project entropy gift codes

Project Entropy, also known as Entropy 2099, is one of the latest mobile strategy games out there. As a result, we wanted to share some Project Entropy gift codes that we’ve found inside the game!

To put it in a very simple way, Project Entropy is a real-time mobile strategy game that focuses on gathering strength to fight an alien species called the Grod and going up against other alliances to conquer beacons, Grod hotspots that provide permanent buffs and resources, passes and other points of interest within a limited world. While a player can become strong and respected alone, one has to join an alliance in order to be able to get the most out of the game.

In addition, by joining a strong alliance, players would be able to gain access to many perks and abilities that would immensely improve one’s army in the best way possible!

What can you get with these Project Entropy gift codes?

The codes generally contain 100 gold coins (sometimes 200 or even 300 coins, it depends on the occasion) that are useful for buying Drop Pods that allow players to get the following (at a discounted rate, one can buy a pod for 150 gold coins):

  • Energy Splinters (used to Biohack – that is, to supercharge – heroes or buy Premium Pods that guarantee Legendary heroes/vehicles/weapons)
  • Epic Heroes
  • Epic Vehicles
  • Epic Weapons
  • Legendary Heroes
  • Legendary Vehicles
  • Legendary Weapons

Here are the current valid codes for Project Entropy. These are updated as soon as their expiry dates pass:

  • HappyHoliday (no specific expiry date)
  • iOSrelease (no specific expiry date)
  • DecemberStars (no specific expiry date)
  • ChristmasSeason (until December 16, 00:00 UTC)

Please do take note that these codes may expire.

If you have any codes that are currently usable within the game, please share them here through the comments section! This would help everyone in the Project Entropy community for sure.

We do hope that you enjoy the Project Entropy gift codes! Stay safe and take care!

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