May 19, 2024
supply lines in entropy 2099

Entropy 2099 is a simple game, for better or for worse. However, with that being said, there are ways to give your alliance the edge even against theoretically stronger lineups out there by using some of the game’s macro features: One of those ways is the smart deployment of supply lines in Entropy 2099.

What are they? How are they used? What are the tactics used when it comes to this game’s particular feature?


Supply lines, as the name implies, give supplies to your troops and heroes on the field. In this way, you avoid the notorious 20-20 debuff (20 percent reduction in movement speed and 20 percent). As a matter of fact, the correct placement of supply lines is the only way for alliances to help MITIGATE the defense buff bonuses that the Planetary Fortress provides (assuming that you are more active and slightly more numerous than your opponent). Yes, you’re right, you can beat your enemies on their turf with a good lineup and the help of these supply lines!

The basic range of a supply line is one tile away from the marker, which means that it can potentially cover up to 12 areas at once! Most of the time, it can be less – though I’m yet to encounter a tile that covers beyond 12 (1+11).

It should be noted that in the new patch, the Alliance Badge feature increases the range of Supply Lines by +1, which means that Supply Lines have just gotten an upgrade (by virtue of being able to cover more areas than ever before/having a bigger effective radius). Holy cow!

Who can deploy them?

Officers, top management members, and leaders can deploy these supply lines on most places in the map. Yes, you have read it right – they can be placed almost anywhere, even on top of enemy factories, fortresses, and HQs! You can’t place them on bases (cities) and passes (the bridges that connect different zones to each other) though – otherwise, it would be totally game-breaking.

Tactics, techniques, and procedures

To place a supply line, click on the beacon/factory/fortress/HQ, select the “Supply Field” option, and you should see a shining gear/cog-like icon that indicates its activation!

There are a number of ways to deploy supply lines that would allow your alliance to milk the maximum amount of utility possible during your respective battles:

  1. Broad front

As the term implies, you place your lines in a broad front above your farthest point of advance (i.e., your most forward beacon). This is useful when trying to stretch the opponent and maneuvering to get a ln advantage during a battle.

  1. Around the point

In this version, you place your lines around your most forward beacon. This is useful when facing opponents from multiple directions and having two or more points of advance.

  1. Deep strike

For this tactic, you place your lines over your potential point of advance. You can use this when you already know the direction of both your advance and the direction of your enemy’s. This is useful when planning a rapid push and going deep into enemy territory.

  1. Black eye

When there’s a blob (group around a beacon) that you want to eliminate and it’s not connected to your normal supply range, you place a supply field on that beacon, get a sizable strike force, and pummel them into submission. You will be able to deal them a fatal blow in this manner and also get a gazillion trophies in this manner!

  1. Put it over your enemy

If you think you’re strong enough, then just put it over the enemy HQ! Just make sure that it’s not too far away, or you’ll receive the movement and damage debuff somewhere in between the lines.


It should be noted that it’s only possible to maximize the usage of supply lines with an active alliance and members who are strong enough to be able to benefit from them on the battlefield.

The usage of supply lines in Entropy 2099 is considered to be a part of the game’s macro and as such, having some experience in the game is advised before trying these out in the field.


With multiple ways to maximize the use of supply lines on the battlefield, alliances who might otherwise face massive penalties to movement and damage now have a realistic chance to bring the battle to the enemy gates!

Hoping that you find this quick guide useful! Good luck and good hunting on the battlefield!

The author is an experienced line leader who has played with multiple alliances over the course of two seasons. He’s looking forward to the full launch of the game and he’s hoping to see more complexity and features in the future! Shoutouts to Viking for the valuable feedback – also linking the game’s official Discord (join there to interact with the community)!

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