June 18, 2024
Here is a partial (and hopefully accurate) calendar for CS:GO events this 2019!

The CS:GO calendar in the Philippines is now alive and booming, with many stakeholders holding tournaments all over the country.

Here are some of the “possible” events that are lined up for this year. Take note that many of these aren’t yet officially announced and are in the “planning stage”.

  • Swarmio.gg tournament (later this month, bound to happen)
  • Cebu Mayor’s Cup (Coming in 2019, for Cebu residents only)
  • Iligan P100K Cup (still in the planning stage – no, actually, they have started to test their servers)
  • Cagayan de Oro Cup (no clear details about prize pool yet, still an idea floated around)
  • National tournament by a big organization (still in the planning stage)
  • Sedna and BUZZ Premier League (while they have announced it already on social media, there are notes being passed around that this might be a national tournament. Emphasis on ‘might’)
  • Metronoia Pro CS Cup (Traditionally for Mindanao teams only, slated for December 2019 unless the investors decide to spend their marketing money on expansions, P50-70k prize pool)

Of course, the list does not include them, but they should be happening/will happen at one point or another:

  • Café openers/mini-tournaments
  • Qualifiers for Valve events
  • Qualifiers for ESL events
  • Qualifiers for WESG
  • Qualifiers for ZOWIE
  • Mogul Arena (Silver Slam, anyone?)

While many were hoping that WASD would repeat TESL or Plus Attack, the fact that their finances aren’t looking too rosy right now means that they would be out of the picture for some time.

More tournaments mean more opportunities for new teams to rise, players to introduce their talent and old squads to keep playing and show their dominance in the region.

In addition, these tournaments allow the level of play in the country to increase, which in turn gives teams the experience and confidence that they need to go to the next level.

Here’s to hoping that this year would yield more tournaments for the Philippine CS:GO scene!

Disclaimer: This has never been intended to be a definitive list. This post is to be updated from time to time, whenever time and circumstances permit. In addition, the context of the information stated here may change.

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