ArkAngel is on the verge of possibly getting another Southeast Asian CS:GO championship.

Filipino squad ArkAngel won against QFire, 16-3 on Cache and 22-19 on Overpass in order to gain themselves a slot in the grand finals of ESEA Asia-Pacific (AP) Season 28.

Earlier, they dispatched fellow Filipino side Metronoia with a 2-0 clean sweep.

Their group stage run was very impressive as they got a 15-1 record to finish the regular season at the top of the rankings. Arkangel’s only loss in the group stage was against Capcorn on Cache, where they lost 14-16.

ArkAngel has also won the fourth edition of the Mogul Arena Shootout CS:GO tournament.

The team is one of the few Filipino sides along with Mineski that reached the finals of the ESEA AP post-season playoffs.

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