April 19, 2024
Bren Esports wins the Swarmio Breach PH CS:GO Tournament after beating Zamboanga's very own Metronoia!

Manila-based squad Bren Esports wins the Swarmio Breach PH CS:GO Tournament after beating Zamboanga’s very own Metronoia, 2-0, on May 19, Sunday night.

Dust 2, Overpass and Mirage were the maps for the night as the two teams fought in a showdown of skill and courage.

The bracket of the tournament.

The first map featured Metronoia’s map pick, Dust 2, where they started on the offense. Meanwhile, Bren digs in as they defend both sites from the Zamboanga-based side in a back-and-forth affair, thus ending the half 8-7 in favor of Metronoia.gg.

During the second half, the close game continued as Bren focused first on getting control of A long and then diversified their strategies for the rest of the game, deciding to go to the B site, where Metronoia is having a hard time on the defense. Despite this, they were able to crawl back and bring it to overtime.

Still, Bren Esports made it 19-16 to win the first map of the grand finals.

The second map featured Bren’s map pick, Overpass. Metronoia started on the much favored CT side, getting a typical 9-6 lead on the defense. Bren, meanwhile, punished the Zamboangueno squad with their aim and composure on the map.

In the second half, Bren’s offense was on point as they went to 14 rounds before being forced into an eco by the Zamboanguenos. While the scoreline became 14-14, the Manila-based players made sure that they close out the game with well-timed attacks on the offense.

Metronoia is considered to be one of the best teams in Mindanao. Their last significant win is the Pro CSCup in Zamboanga, where they won the championship against teams from all over the region.

Meanwhile, Bren Esports carries the legacy of the old Fallen 5 squad, with four of its members playing with the team at certain points in time. With the addition of a solid player in the form of Kevin “kevzz” Dingal, they are proving to be a formidable force in the Manila region.

As a result, Bren gets P5,000, while Metronoia goes home with P2,000. The tournament was casted by Charles “SneakyFrog” Carillo.

The tournament featured 36 teams, which included the likes of SEDNA, Team La Union, Cranium and Face Clan 2.0, among others.

This tournament comes right at the very start of the local competitive CS:GO season.

This is Bren Esports’s most significant championship so far, after their win in Killshot a couple of months ago.

Meanwhile, this tournament also marks Metronoia’s first national finals appearance, as they are unable to reach the finals of a national tournament last year.

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