February 22, 2024
bren esports

In another milestone moment for Philippine CS:GO, local powerhouse Bren Esports goes to the playoffs of the Perfect World Asia League (PAL) Fall 2020 after getting enough points in the group stage of the said Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournament.

This marks the first time that a Filipino CS:GO team reaches the playoffs of what could be described as the spiritual successor to the Asian CS:GO Minor tournaments.

During the course of the group stage, Bren Esports won against Checkmate of Mongolia, 2-0 (16-2 on Train and 19-15 on Inferno), Singapore’s Huat Zai, 2-0 (19-16 on Train and 16-14 on Dust 2), China’s Invictus Gaming (16-11 on Inferno, 13-16 on Train, and 16-12 on Dust 2), and Thailand’s ZIGMA (16-10 on Train and 16-14 on Mirage).

Meanwhile, they lost to ViCi Gaming (0-2, 13-16 on Train and 14-16 on Nuke), Mongolia’s TIGER (1-2, 16-12 on Dust 2, 9-16 on Mirage, and 9-16 on Train), Tyloo (0-2, 1-16 on Nuke and 12-16 on Mirage), Thailand’s Beyond (0-2, 9-16 on Inferno and 6-16 on Dust 2), and China’s After Gaming (0-2, 10-16 on Inferno and 17-19 on Train).

As a result of this, they finish sixth place with 12 points, a 4-5 win-loss record and a 22 round deficit.

Six teams will go to the playoffs of the tournament, sharing a $88,000 prize pool (~P4.22 million), while the top four teams will share a total of 9063 RMR points. The top Asian team in the rankings will represent the continent at the 2020 Major later this year.

Tyloo, TIGER, Invictus Gaming, ViCi Gaming, and CHECKMATE are the other teams that have qualified for the playoffs of the PAL Fall 2020 RMR tournament. Tyloo and TIGER are having their match at the time of writing.

Bren Esports already reached the minor last summer in another shocking performance, after beating many strong regional CS:GO teams along the way.

With Bren Esports off to the playoffs, the next stage of PAL Fall 2020 will commence on October 9, Friday.

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