June 18, 2024
screengrab via bren esports
Here are a list of the games that defined Bren Esports' form so far! Enjoy watching!
screengrab via bren esports
Image via Bren Esports.

Bren Esports CS:GO has been making the rounds lately with their great gameplay and amazing form. It is clear that they are the best Filipino CS:GO team in 2019, and they are looking to make a mark in the Asian scene this 2020!

Without further ado, here’s a list of their best games so far! Take note that they are still playing the GeForce Pacific Cup in Malaysia – and they are off to the semifinals!

Bren Esports versus Alpha Red: Grand Finals, OMEN Challenger Series 2019

To start with, we have this long series against a team that they have faced many times. Starting from the very beginning to 4:38:58, this series offers a glimpse of what would be Bren’s best form later on. Bren wins 16-14 on Inferno, only to lose the rest of the series to the Thai powerhouse and give way to the Thais to reach the semifinal.

Take note that Bren has many games on that channel, so check them out if you wanted to see those matches too!

Bren versus BOOT: Quarterfinals, Extremesland 2019 Asia Finals

Next, we have the Filipinos’ fight against the Singaporeans. The match is hot and exciting here, with Bren Esports getting their revenge after losing at the SEA Finals of the same tournament and getting a 2-0 sweep! Here is the link on Twitch.

Bren versus TyLoo: Semifinals, Extremesland 2019 Asia Finals

Then, we have Bren going up against TyLoo in the semifinals. Bren loses to TyLoo at the very end, but our very own team puts up a good fight! Here’s the link on Twitch.

Bren Esports versus TyLoo: Upper Bracket Semis, IEM Katowice 2020 Asia Closed Qualifier

Afterwards, we have this series in which the Filipino team gets a heart-warming win in their series against Asia’s finest! To sum it up, the series went into three maps, with Bren winning Inferno in overtime (22-18), followed by a big-time loss on Mirage (7-16) and topping it up with a solid win on Train (16-11).

Sadly, there’s only a link to a demo (despite searching throughout the Internet for this one). If anyone kept the video link, please share!

In summary, Bren’s star AWPer Riley “witz” Go was the man of the match, getting a 1.21 rating from the lengthy three-game series. Well, here’s the link to the demo.

We do hope that you enjoyed watching some of the games here and gain an appreciation of the leaps and bounds that Philippine CS:GO has reached so far!

For more reading, here’s an article on them, back in 2019.

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