April 19, 2024

So this is my first post on the state of Philippine CS on my personal blog and yeah, before I start, I’d like to introduce myself (once again) to those who are reading my work for the first time.

I’m Earl Carlo Guevarra, better known in the interwebs as dreamslayer28. I am currently head editor for Play on WASD as well as a contributing editor for CSGO2ASIA. I have written or contributed for Esports Inquirer as well as GAMURS and a couple of other sites since 2014.

In other words, I’ve been covering first-person shooters for three years now. Still young and still kicking in the dirty business, I guess.

While there are more opportunities for teams both in Metro Manila and the provinces to rise up to become Asia’s finest, there are some things that are happening that are rather unsavory.

For instance, there are reports that certain tournament organizers have given preferential treatment to a certain professional gaming team – to the point that it broke the structure of the tournament.

Basic common sense – or any major tournament organizer should tell you that this is a big no-no. Frankly speaking, why in the world is this still happening in year year 2017? I thought that if people learn how to teleport things, create giant robots, discover the Higgs boson, they would come to their senses…and tournament guys still do these kinds of things!

HOW I wish it was just a terrible Halloween joke. However, it seems that this one’s for real.

It seems that Philippine CS:GO is afflicted with this specific Chinese curse:

“May you live in interesting times.”

Indeed, since 2012, the Philippine scene is yet to recover its stature and position that it enjoyed in the Asian scene.


Don’t mind the damn picture, it’s just a random esports photo. Hehehe!

Got any meat, send me a message at ecg.lostindreams@gmail.com!

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