February 21, 2024

So, I’ve been writing about CS:GO since 2015 (or 2016, give or take) and I’ve learned that in order to have a good understanding of the things that I write about, I need to take examples and look at how they approach their content from different sources.

Here’s a short, basic list for those who want to follow various levels of Counter-Strike:

The Essential:

HLTV.org = You can’t be a true enthusiast of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without knowing this website. With stats, player databases and some rather good content, HLTV has been one of the leading websites out there.

Philippine Sites:

WASD Philippines = Generally considered to be the leading Filipino FPS site (with a focus on CS:GO), this website carries news, features, interviews and a version of the Philippine CS:GO rankings that are updated thrice a year.

Mineski.net = They do some content from time to time. When they do, be assured that it’s always going be good quality.

I am yet to encounter other sites who actually try to give proper three-pronged CS:GO coverage (i.e. local, Asian and international CS).

Many of the other sites (TNC, Gamegeek.gg, etc.) focus mostly on international CS.

Asian CS:GO:

CSGO2ASIA.COM = While this site has only a couple of personnel, it has been quite instrumental in becoming a hub for the Asian CS:GO scene.

This website also writes content that has been helpful in terms of understanding the scene at large, as well as keeping track of the latest changes and trends in the region.

Think of this site as a think tank for the Asian scene.


VPEsports = Although this one is new, it has quite the stable of writers and content in it. A recommended read for those who want in-depth content.

ESPN = They make high-quality stuff from time to time.

DotEsports = Duncan “Thorin” Shields writes for this publication. Their content is really top-notch. Besides, if anyone wants a qualitative ranking of the world’s top teams, then people should come to this place.

Dexerto = General news. ‘Nuff said.

Richard Lewis = One-man army. Without him, many of esports’ dark secrets would never be uncovered.

Slingshot Esports = For good old content. Think of it as an archive of articles.

Scoop Sites: Many people, even among those whom I know really well, aren’t fans of this type of reporting. However, without this kind of reportage, we would not be able to know the inner workings of organizations and teams…

These sites are also known for a good level of coverage.

Flickshot: – One of the rare national (Flickshot is French, by the way) outlets out there that can actually send people to cover Majors. Of course, neL’s skill at writing and getting scoops can’t be denied.

DBLTAP: – Having Jared “DeKay” Lewis, who is basicaly CS:GO’s “Mr.Per Sources” on your team is no joke. With that being said, his written content is really good – people should actually read him a lot more!

So, here’s your basic reading list…hope this one-stop shop helps you when reading and consuming written CS:GO content – and while you’re at it, bookmark the pages that are listed above!!!

Good luck and have fun!

Disclaimer: I’m actually writing for WASD Philippines and CSGO2ASIA.COM. GG.

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