April 21, 2024

Now, the largest event in Dota 2 and The International is now finished, with TNC bringing home some P18 million, Execration at P5 million and a couple of other Filipino players getting their own pay cuts as well as the opportunity to show their craft on one of the world’s biggest competitive stages. Of course, this goes on to say that the money will change the standards of their lives…and their families as well! Good for them! BALATO NAMAN DYAN!

Well, kudos to those who covered the event, regardless of house, color or age; after all, staying up from 11 pm to 12 noon the following day for a span of ten days is a big risk to one’s health and sanity – I would not personally do it as I’ve already seen what happened to my body when I did just that. I enjoyed watching the replay VODs, although to be frank, I wasn’t that invested in Dota 2 except for the part where I didn’t want the Chinese to win this year’s iteration of TI.

Of course, this would not be a “dreamslayer28” blog without talking about international and local CS:GO (or first-person shooters). Both are running crazily at the moment, with the off-season transfers in the international scene dropping as hot as pan de sal early in the morning; while the local CS scene is having its load of tournaments, including a P100,000-ish one by Havoc. Well, all is good and well, except that it also reminded me that I SHOULD START RESEARCHING FOR THE AUGUST EDITION OF THE PHILIPPINE CS RANKINGS.

There are some things that I would like to say about the Philippine FPS community in general. We may be hotly debating about which game is better; or as publishers, we have different ideas and titles that we want to run in the market, but at the end of the day, what matters is that we can show unity where it matters the most.

Ironically, the all-time record for the most reached article (and post with the most number of reactions, shares, likes and comments) belong to a post that I wrote regarding Macta’s third place win at this year’s CFGI, where they have won $25,000 (that’s P1.275 million, guys) and sure, me being the ONLY Filipino WRITER who has actively written about CF at all levels (even for the CF website) helped a lot, but I believe that netizens have shown the spirit of unity that seems to be lacking at times in our Filipino psyche.

No one would think that a lowly local site that focuses solely on CS:GO (read: one of the best teams in the country that cover the local and international aspects of the game, that’s what I think and I AM PROUD OF MY TEAM) would cover CrossFire, Special Force or any other FPS title for that

But we do, because it is part of our policy to “promote and uphold FPS” (and by extension, its communities) here in the country.

I never thought that the policy would pay big dividends, until I saw the massive trends on that CrossFire coverage.

With one seemingly insignificant article, we were able to reach out a different FPS community and turn them into our readers.

This is the type of growth that I want.

This is the type of victory that I’m looking for.

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