June 18, 2024

So this year’s ASUS ROG Masters was a success. This has to be pointed out from the outset; after all, no one would ever forget the fiasco that happened last year.

Personally? Well, I did not even plan to do full coverage of the event, even though I was already in relatively good health in comparison to the state of my body back in November 2016.

I just went there to watch the CS:GO final between Mineski CS:GO and Rekt e-Sports and it was interesting to be a spectator.

It’s different just sitting there watching the games than covering it as a member of the media. When you are just looking around, you can actually enjoy the intensity of the matches without having to worry about one’s allegiances!

At the same time, it made me realize how much I missed being in the thick of esports coverage, but meh, I love my life now, not having to deal with much stress.

Amazing times

It amazes me how much the state of esports has changed over the past few years. A few years ago, one would have thought that one million-dollar prize pools are already the biggest thing in the world; however, this year’s The International still shocked me with its $24 million prize pool…and it seems that there’s no stopping the Dota 2 community from driving it higher in the years to come!

Other thoughts

I tend to quickly criticize people for the wrong things that they do when they’re in esports and yes, I know that this does not endear me to the establishment.

But then, you know, we live only once – which means that we only have one chance to set things right.

Of course, the field of esports is not as black and white as it seems. As a matter of fact, it has a lot of shades of gray…

As for me?

Well, I’ll just continue to do my little part as a writer…and as a stakeholder in the esports industry.


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