June 18, 2024
Here is a recap of the CFS 2018 National Finals!!!

There is only one word to describe Sunday’s CrossFire Stars Philippine National Finals:


With the lion’s share of a $20,000 (~P1,080,000) prize pool and a national CrossFire  championship on the line, Execration and TNC were out to give it all.

The first map of the series went to Ankara, a rather standard map where territorial control and timely rotations are the key to win it all. The first half saw TNC get 3-0 on the opening rounds as they focused their efforts on B, before a series of favorable trades made Execration get their first round. TNC got stuck before they finally got another point in the eighth round. The first half ended in a close 4-5 scoreline in favor of Execration, with TNC’s Heck and Zarren on double sniper duty on the Black List side.

Second half saw a rather close one as TNC and Execration exchanged rounds – however, in the end, they were able to pull it off as they close it out 10-8.

Meanwhile, the second map on Black Widow was an all-out brawl as many players on the server showed their prowess on the sniper rifle. With Execration playing an extremely aggressive Global Risk side and TNC showing a phenomenal Black List side, it seems that there would be no holds barred during this matchup.

With Charlito going ham on the sniper role, Execration looked to have a strong first half as they finished it 6-3.

Yet, TNC defied the odds and took five rounds on their turn at the defense; however, Execration showed that they do their offense properly as they win the map after a good show of trades in the 18th round, thus making the series 2-0 in favor of the black-and-white guys.

Talent and skill.

The third map on Sub Base was another close one. While people would remember ARSVV’s shotgun plays as well as Charlito’s dominant run on the map, TNC still brought the map close in their own way.

In the end, despite the best efforts of TNC to bring all three maps in a close fashion (10-8,10-8,10-8), they couldn’t get over the last hurdle in order to get away a single map in the series.

At least, TNC can walk away with pride, knowing that they showed their mettle against an Execration that has saw some international experience in the form of pre-season matches in the Chinese Crossfire Pro League. They also walk with $6,000 (~P324,000) as well as a ticket to CrossFire’s premier season-ending tournament.

They have also shown the Philippines what Heck and Dagss can do – if they get to remain in the pro scene and grow into better players, the Phoenix squad are all set for a bright future.

As for Execration, no one can forget how ARSVV cried when they lost their chance last year against a resurgent Pacific.Macta.


This time around, they will not cry. They will go home with $10,000 (~P540,000) and the right of calling themselves CFS National Champions.

For they know that they are the ones who stand high.

With their performances, people would indeed look forward to see them in China later this year!

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