June 15, 2024

Apparently, IPT is planning to release a new lineup soon, sources have said.

According to some research, local veteran Stephen “Getziimov” Doron is set to form a new team around him, with players such as LeMagician, PGS and two others whose identities are yet to be confirmed.

If this is true, then IPT is set to reveal their new roster pretty much soon. It’s just timely, considering that there are many CS:GO tournaments right now, both in locally and in the Asian region.

Since the “players” are now doing “scrims” (i.e. practice matches), it’s safe to assume that at the very least, the team is doing a trial run right now.

Whether this new lineup is enough to challenge many of the up-and-coming teams in the Philippines, let alone the “Big Three”, is yet to be seen.

After all, Getziimov is one of the country’s veteran players, as well as a strong player on the green gun.

This post will be updated when the official statements from the organization or the players are revealed.

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