February 21, 2024
What happened to Pacific Macta in their WCG run? Read here!
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Pacific Macta only manages to get fourth place in the bronze match of the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2019 CrossFire category after Golden Five won 2-0, at Xi’an, China on July 20, Saturday.

The first match started on Ankara, which was closely contested by Pacific.Macta on the Global Risk side of the map, getting a 5-4 advantage in the process. However, the German squad got their groove in the second half as they closed out the game 8-10 on the back of Luca “SEVEN” Bayati’s performances.

Result of Macta 1st Map

Meanwhile, the second match on Sub Base was a total shutdown as the Germans managed to get a very good read on how the Filipino squad played the map. As a result, the Germans got a 2-7 advantage in the first half and they were able to finish the map 3-10, thus closing out the series and enabling them to bring home the bronze medal, as well as $20,000 (~P1,020,000).

Result of Macta 2nd map

In the tournament, the Filipino squad needed to beat Russia’s ruLegends, Brazil’s Black Dragons, Indonesia’s Trust and Germany’s Golden V in order to get out of the group stage, thus getting a 4-3 scoreline and going to the playoffs by virtue of a high number of round wins. Macta lost earlier in the semifinals after losing to Chinese side Super Valiant with a 2-0 (7-10 on Black Widow and 6-10 on Port) scoreline.

Pacific Macta is one of two non-Chinese teams that have won a CrossFire Stars major title, the other being Brazilian side Black Dragon Esports, who won CFS 2018.


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