April 21, 2024
Rumors, news and updates on Mindanao CS:GO!
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2018 Mindanao CS:GO to have blockbuster lineup and player trades

There is some minor talk about Edgar “Garflex” Acasio going to Gamers’ Lounge or EZPZ in order to join the “big” Mindanao CS:GO tournaments such as this year’s Metronoia CS:GO Cup as well as the “planned 100K Mindanao Major” by an Iligan-based company.

Given the fact that Garflex has not played an official match for some period time, it seems that it is a big possibility.

It remains to be seen which team Garflex chooses, but it can be safely said that the team who acquires him would definitely gain a lot.

Can Garflex win a Mindanao title this time around?

More Zamboanga Teams Join the Greater CS:GO scene

In other news, Metronoia creates an “academy team”, though it is clear that it is more of a gathering of friends (who are part of the organization and just want to play together as one team). The Vape Bar (TVB.A) has also acquired another team called TVB, as well as ZCORE and Kator6, according to reliable and solid sources within the Zamboanga City scene.

Sources on the ground have also stated that “the population of CS:GO players in Zamboanga is increasing,” as evidenced by the sheer number of teams that joined the Zambo CS:GO Arena (in which Metronoia’s main team and The Vape Bar are banned), as well the solid attendance of teams in TVB’s opening tournament where Metronoia took the trophy despite “having a lack of practice and just scrimmed Overpass the day before the tournament.”

It is indeed good news for the Zamboanga CS scene and Mindanao CS:GO in general!

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