May 19, 2024
Once again, Pacific.Macta goes back to their Chinese-slaying ways as they win against Q9 and make history!!!

Pacific.Macta has set another milestone for Philippine FPS by winning their semi-final match against Chinese side Q9, coming back from a 0-1 deficit from their loss at Ankara and winning Black Widow 10-8 as well as Port at 10-5.

While Ankara was a terrible map for Macta by any standard imaginable as they almost came back from a 2-7 deficit and yet lost the match when it all mattered at 8-10, Black Widow was a completely different story as they came back from a huge first half deficit at 3-6 in order to keep off the Chinese from taking match point and eventually winning the map for themselves.

On the third map, Pacific.Macta bullied the Q9 into a bad situation as they took on the back of Aldrin’s entry fragging as well as support plays from Revenge and ZDD, getting a 6-3 lead on the Black List side of the map. After changing sides, they only allowed their opponents to get the first round on the back of a misplay by ZYK and the match point round on the 13th and did not let go afterwards, winning the final map 10-5 and getting the series, 2-1.

ZYK once again lead the team with his crazy hero plays, especially in the second map, with multiple individual performances from the rest of the team making it a good showing for the Filipino side.

They have already gotten a 4-1 record, getting the top seed in the group stage of the CrossFire Global Invitational, a feat which has never been done by any Filipino CrossFire team in the past.

Their wins include a 10-4 win against BOSS from Vietnam, 10-8 win against Black Dragons from Brazil, 10-6 win against Carbon and 10-3 against number one team All Gamers. Meanwhile, they lost a close 8-10 match against Q9, thus getting their only loss in the group stage.

This marks the first time that a Filipino team has reached the finals of a premier FPS tournament in a very long time.

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