April 19, 2024
Read about one of the biggest upsets done in international CrossFire history by a Filipino team!

In what could be one of the biggest beatdowns given by a Filipino team against a Chinese side in Crossfire for the entire history of the game, Pacific.Macta wins against All gamers on Port with a scoreline of 10-3.

Pacific.Macta just shut down every push that the Chinese side did, with multiple flanks, spraydowns, pushes and aim duels done by various players from the Filipino squad in order to give them one of the biggest halves ever in Philippine CrossFire history at 8-1 on the Global Risk side of the map. As a result, the Filipino side just needed two rounds in order to close down Port.

In the second half of the map, All Gamers got the first round; however, a hero play by ZYK got them the following round, bringing them to map point.

This year’s edition of CFGI include All Gamers and Q9 from China, as well as Carbon from the United States, BOSS.CFVN from Vietnam and Black Dragons from Brazil. The format is a round-robin stage in which the top four teams will go to the playoffs, with the bottom two getting eliminated from the prestigious tournament.

They have already gotten a 3-1 record and with this win, they get the top seed in the group stage of the CrossFire Global Invitational, a feat which has never been done by any Filipino CrossFire team in the past.

Their wins include a 10-4 win against BOSS, 10-8 win against Black Dragons and 10-6 win against Carbon. Meanwhile, they lost a close 8-10 match against Q9, thus getting their only loss in the group stage.

Pacific.Macta will be fighting against the number four seed in the semifinals, guaranteeing themselves a top four finish once again and keeping their reputation as one of, if not the best non-Chinese CrossFire team in the world.

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