June 18, 2024

Talk about a Filipino FPS team making a new page for local esports history.

Pacific.Macta grabs this year’s edition of the CrossFire Global Invitational after sweeping North American side Carbon in the grand finals of the said tournament, 3-0 (10-2 on Mexico, 10-6 on Sub Base and 10-6 on Ankara).

While Pacific.Macta needed to beat Chinese squad Q9 in order to get their final slot, Carbon had a harder path as they needed to go back strong on the second day of the group stage as well as win against All Gamers (AG), who is the nominal number one team in the world at the time.

Their wins include a 10-4 win against BOSS from Vietnam, 10-8 win against Black Dragons from Brazil, 10-6 win against Carbon and 10-3 against number Chinese powerhouse All Gamers. Meanwhile, they lost a close 8-10 match against Q9, thus getting their only loss in the group stage.

As a result, Pacific.Macta gets their first-ever CFGI title and joins the ranks of HoA, DC.Smackdown and MSI in the pantheon of Philippine FPS.

The CrossFire Global Invitational is considered to be one of the three major international competitions in the game, along with the various end-year tournaments as well as CrossFire Stars.

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