June 18, 2024

IEM Sydney should go down in history as the tournament that defined ASIAN CS:GO.

I personally expected TyLoo to win against SK, even though the Brazilians were a bit stronger on paper. Obviously, the rest became history, as the Chinese won 19-16 in an extremely epic match on Mirage.

But then, TyLoo had other ideas. Normally, they were known as the “Asian team” that can “take two maps or one series” in big tournaments like this.

Not anymore – in a very surprising manner, they dismantle American side Cloud9 with a 2-0 clean sweep (specifically 16-10 on Inferno and 16-14 on Overpass).

It feels great to see the improvement of Asian teams over the past new months, as MVP PK and BOOT, among others, have also made their respective appearances in the international scene.

This is indeed a wake-up call for everyone: If they can do it, then any team who is willing to work hard, put the hours and get their act together should be able to rise to the top, as evidenced by the amount of up-and-coming teams in the Asian CS:GO region.

There’s no definite time for Asian teams to catch up. It may take some time.

But once that level is reached, Asia may prove to be a strong region in the foreseeable future.

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