April 19, 2024
It seems that this is the year for Mindanao CS:GO to shine! Read for more details!

In what could be one of the biggest developments in Mindanao CS:GO, CS:GO Iligan City Community, in coordination with local cafe chain IPlay CyberSquare Iligan, will hold a big CS:GO tournament later this year.

According to information gathered from the coordinators of the tournament, the event is slated “somewhere in February” and is said to have “a P100,000 prize pool.”

The organizers are yet to announce the dates for the qualifiers as well as the format of the tournament.

In addition, there are reports that the CS:GO community in Cagayan de Oro is also planning to create a tournament with a similar prize pool, although details are still lacking at the time of writing.

This announcement ensures that the Metronoia Pro CS Cup, with its P70,000 prize pool, would be officially eclipsed as the region’s largest tournament.

Tournaments like this allow the Mindanao CS:GO scene to continue to flourish, as well as enabling players to meet each other and strengthen their ties. Furthermore, an active regional scene allows veteran teams to increase their skill level and fresh blood to join the greater CS:GO community.

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