April 19, 2024
Many people ask whether we have a top CS:GO team in the Philippines. Time to set the record straight!
Courtesy of TNC.

Many people have asked in various forums whether we have a top CS:GO team in the Philippines – who fights against opponents from Asia and still get away with it.

It’s time to set the record straight.

The country has a top professional CS:GO team called TNC. It is the absolute number one team in the Philippines, with multiple national victories on its belt.

TNC has been founded back in late 2017 with King “Paking” Murakami, Jim “BORKUM” Timbreza, Ian “Moja” Cruz, Mark “MacDG” Francis de Guia and Chris “ChrisPro” Martir in their lineup, with Ryan “BabyBoy” Crisostomo as their manager.

Over time, the lineup has changed and as of today, only Timbreza and Martir remained from the original roster. Meanwhile, Riley “witz” Go, Deko “papichulo” Evangelista and Kenny “kenzyy” Cruz have been added to the lineup, making it into the team that it is today.

They are currently ranked number 10 in Asia, both on the HLTV and CSGO2ASIA rankings. In addition, they won second place in the WESG 2018 SEA Finals, just finishing behind Thailand’s Alpha Red.

Back in 2018, Go mentioned that their current goal was “to reach the top five in the Asian rankings”. Many of the other teams in the bottom five of both lists are rather scary opponents, but if their past performances are to go by, TNC could actually get to the top five within this year as long as they qualify for tournaments and maintain strong placings regionally.

So, if anyone asks you whether the Philippines has a strong CS:GO team who is among the top in the Asian region, you can always say with pride and conviction: TNC is our team!

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