June 15, 2024
Here is our report on a Mindanaoan tournament that would be held in December!

After rumors have surfaced in the local CS:GO scene that a certain Western Mindanao internet cafe chain, this blog immediately searched for information about this particular item.

It turned out that Metronoia is actually planning to continue their Pro Cup at the end of the year.

According to Mr. Dhar, head of development for Metronoia Cyber Cafe, the tournament is said to be in late December and is sure to happen. He also mentioned in the quick chat that “they are still considering whether they should give 60, 70 or 80 thousand” and if “they would expand the tournament to eight teams or stay at (4 or 6)”.

When asked why they are doing this, he mentions that “we want to give something to the teams who are in this region” and that “we want to support Zamboanga esports and help it grow.”

Furthermore, when pressed about the, Dhar said, “We are a business. However, at the same time, we recognize the necessity of doing these tournaments. Some people think that making tournaments like this (is too much for us). Yet, we believe in the potential of CS:GO and esports in general for this region. Besides, from a practical perspective, we get to know everyone; everyone knows us, so it’s a win-win situation!”

He ended the chat with these words:

“We commit to do these tournaments in a sustainable way. We also commit NOT TO CANCEL TOURNAMENTS WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE and accountability.”

It seems that the Mindanao scene would have at least one more event to look out for!

Disclaimer: The author works as a consultant for Metronoia Cyber Cafe’s esports division.

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