April 19, 2024

Apparently, another big national qualifier is about to grace the Philippine CS:GO scene.

Sources state that WASD Philippines will be the entity that will handle ZOWIE Extremesland’s national qualifier here in the Philippines.

In addition, same sources have mentioned that they have secured a location in Metro Manila where they will hold the grand finals of the said national qualifier and that they will do open brackets for everyone.

If this is the case, then WASD Philippines will be required to follow the”ESL grace rule”, where players who have served 700 days of VAC bans will be allowed to join, provided that they do it on a different account and that they would not use any cheats or exploits during the said tournament.

Upon reaching WASD for comment, they have only mentioned that “official details will be provided within the week” and that “we will give statements regarding the matter”.

WASD Philippines has been known for creating some of the country’s largest CS:GO events and creating the biggest CS:GO tournaments in provincial esports, which include two editions of the Tarlac Esports League.

Disclaimer: The author is currently attached to WASD Philippines as its Editor-at-Large.

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