April 19, 2024
Arkangel gets second place in ESEA and more!!!

Here are the headlines for the Philippine CS:GO scene for the past few days:

Resurgence wins over ArkAngel; Filipinos Get Second Place

After losing 9-16 on Mirage and 16-19 on Overpass, Resurgence becomes the champion of ESEA AP Season 28 after beating Filipino side ArkAngel in the grand finals of the tournament.

As a result of this outcome, ArkAngel would become one of the two teams to get second place in ESEA in recent history after Mineski did the feat a while ago. A Filipino team is yet to win the ESEA Asia-Pacific post-season playoffs.

ArkAngel was won already the fourth edition of the Mogul Arena Shootout and is actively participating in local and regional tournaments at the moment.

Arkangel was the top-seeded team in the group stage and was considered to be one of the favorite teams to win the entire tournament as well.

WASD Hold ZOWIE Extremesland Asia Philippine Qualifiers

Tournament organizer and server operator WASD starts the ZOWIE Extremesland Asia Philippine Qualifiers in partnership with ArkAngel and GameON.

The tournament is held in a round-robin group stage format, where the top teams from each of the six groups as well as the top two second-placed teams will fight in the finals of the national qualifiers in Manila.

TNC, ArkAngel, Fractals, Audacity and Metronoia are among the notable teams in the tournament.

Click here for the tournament brackets!!!

TNC and ArkAngel Gets Eliminated from CS:GO 5on5 MSI MGA Playoffs APAC

TNC lost to 5POWER (16-14 on Inferno) while ArkAngel lost 2-0 to the same team during the playoffs of the MSI MGA Asia-Pacific tournament.

The winner would go on to represent the Asia-Pacific region at ESL One New York, which is slated to be held later this year in September.

5POWER wins the entire tournament after beating Flash Gaming in the grand finals.

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