May 19, 2024
Some thoughts on Philippine CS:GO and other random stuff that is related to CS!!!

Sometimes, I wish that tournament organizers would do more transparency, especially when it comes to cancelling a certain part of the tournament.

Since I still consider the entity a friend and a common comrade in the esports industry, I am withholding the name of the tournament that committed this particular thing, out of common courtesy.

But seriously speaking, one team just spent a whopping amount of P45,000 just to bring the team to the venue…only to find out that the tournament has been cancelled due to certain issues.

Having technical difficulties is one thing.

But cancelling a tournament and not announcing it to the public is a completely different beast. Sayang ang pawis, pagod, pera at oras na ipinundar.

Kakalula naman, ang liit na nga ng provincial CS:GO scene sa Pilipinas, tapos hindi pa makuha ng tama.

And I am not here to say things about people. I am just stating the facts as it is.

For this particular opinion, I am going against the party line for this one.

Players should be GIVEN a SECOND CHANCE, but only if they do the following:

  1. They legally bind themselves not to be toxic, use hacks, etc.
  2. They will not actively find loopholes in the appeal system/tournament ruleset to advance their own interests
  3. That everything will be fair, square and solid (i.e. no patronage system – kung gusto niyo ng Tagalog: WALANG PALAKASAN)
  4. In case of VAC bans, they should have served at least 700 days. ESL/ESEA/DreamHack and other tournaments in Asia subscribe to this particular rule.
  5. They have actively PROVEN THEMSELVES IN TERMS OF REHABILITATION. Like a certain player from WASD who got banned and then still participated in the community…As such, he was unbanned way earlier than expected.

But then, knowing the Philippines and the current situation…

Still, I wonder if any local organizer will give this one a try. Something like this would require a good amount of focus, energy and inner strength…

Of course, no one needs to agree with me. As I said, what is happening right now in Philippine CS:GO is quite obvious…

Author’s note: The opinions expressed here solely belong to the writer alone and do not necessarily represent the views of any of the organizations that the author belongs to at the moment.

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