June 18, 2024

Since the Philippines is about to have its largest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament, I have tried to calculate odds for the tournament using simple mathematical equations. Read and bet at your own risk.

Here are the odds, for anyone curious:

Mineski: 1.19 (around 1/5)
TNC: 1.25 (1/4)
Rampage.MSI, Fractals and ArkAngel: 1.35 (1/3)
IPT: 1.59 (around 2/5)
G1.Wolves: 1.72 (around 7/10)
Reges Terrae, Rampage.White, Fallen5: 1.89 (around 1/1 or 9/10)
Audacity, Expendables: 2.13 (around 1/1 or 11/10)
Storm’s End, Pasig Hawks, Enigma: 2.56 (around 2/1 or 16/10)
GVortex, Elevate Baguio: 4.76 (around 4/1 or 40/10)
LSGG: 9.09 (around 8/1 or 81/10)
Gamebucks.Ghost: 20.00 (19/1)

For those who are confused: If the marker says 1/5, this means that if you bet P5 and win, you’ll only get P1 in return.

Reges Terrae, Rampage.White, Fallen5, Audacity and Expendables all have more or less 50% chance of winning; this is why they have balanced odds at around 1/1 (1 peso won for every peso placed on a bet.)

Gamebucks.Ghost has the highest rate of return if they ever upset and go along the way (and if the TESL was listed in a gambling site): Bettors would get P19 pesos for every P1 that they gambled.

I’ll be frank, I don’t have a lot of information about the Visayas region other than it has top teams (well, most of their VODs are not online, so pretty much screwed), but I can tell you that the difference between the nominal top teams (say, Station-751) and the lowest team may either be not that much…or may have a big difference, which is a huge impact when making probability.

So we go now to Mindanao…

Metronoia, Dakingz, LS (EZPZ): All at 1.35 (1/3).
Clover, G7.FF: All at 2.00 (1/1).
Lunatic Hiders, DailyGrind, Refulgence: All at 2.65 (5/3).

Hope you enjoy reading the odds!

DISCLAIMER: This does in no way represent my work at WASD Philippines. This is also clearly not the work of a gambling enthusiast or someone who has worked at a gambling site – I am just doing this out of curiosity.

And as always, bet at your own risk!!!

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