June 18, 2024
World War Online Fanfiction

NOTE: This World War Online fanfiction series was done between 2013-15, when there were still governments and people could field unlimited armies. It was plain…yet it was the golden age of World War Online, with hundreds of concurrent users and some thousand users at its peak hours. Here is the first chapter of the one and only World War Online fanfiction series!

It is the year 2035. The United Nations has been disbanded due to internal issues between the United States, Russia, and the rest of the world. In the meantime, nations such as India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and basically the rest of the world went into a deep arms race. They know that when the giants fall, they would be left to fend for themselves.

And yes indeed, the United States fell into a civil war. Without a superpower to conduct the issues of the world, Mongolia has decided to embark on a sinister plan to conquer Asia.

Mike Stevens, president of the Philippines, knows this very well. The nation does not have the largest navy or the strongest air force in Asia, but he knows that he can rely on his party members and his intelligence team to do the job. He opens his phone, dials a number, and talks to Rave, who is one of his most trusted military attaches abroad.

“Hey, Rave, do you have any info on the Dombira?”

“The Dombira wants to invade the Eagle’s Nest and kill all the eagles. Then they will make sure that the Snow Queen crushes all.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, and if you may, I would like to ask for an evacuation of the Mission Office here in Ulaan Batar.”

“Alright. Pack your bags and get the hell out of there.”

“Roger. Bye.”

Herlen Hazard, the commander-in-chief of the Khan’s Guard, the elite forces of the Mongolian Republic, stares at the sea very intently. He is pretty sure that he would be able to invade the Philippines very easily, without needing to use all of Mongolia’s might.

He opens his radio, and says:

“Prepare for battle. We will conquer the Pearl of the Orient. We will show them MONGOLIA’S MIGHT!”

And thus it begins.

Inside the Space Tracking Facility in Clark Air Base, Commander John Lopez is extremely bored. He just browses through Facebook and eats some Nova chips, hoping to pass the time.

At the corner of his eye, he sees a red blip coming from the northwest. He becomes curious, and he zooms in. His scope is at 1200 KM range; he wants to get as close as to 100 KM in order to see the things that he wants to see. Each digression of 100 KM takes five seconds, so he figures he has a minute or so before the information on the Excalibur battle screen is loaded and updated.

He grabs a can of Coke from the fridge. He is said to be fat due to his endless and relentless consumption of junk food, however, he did not have any of that.

He goes back to his seat, and he just gasped in shock.

100 Krivak class-frigates as well as 5 helicopter carriers and 10 strategic sealift vessels carrying the insignia of the new and modern Mongolian navy. And they were sailing straight for Lingayen Gulf!

He immediately types a message on another computer, as follows:


100 frigates, 5 hc, 10 ssv. Dombira. ……max speed towards Ancient. ADVISE.

The reply comes immediately from Central Command:

Thanks for the eye. Will take ops up. Rock and load. GL HF.

This is it, we’re in this goddamn business once again, Lopez thought.

Mike Stevens is not having the best of times in this press conference. He has just scrambled all the assets of the Navy Fleet from the West Philippine Sea towards Lingayen; this included 20 Hamilton-class cutters, 15 Pohang-class corvettes, 10 Oliver Hazard Perry frigates, several dozen MPAC fast boats, and 5 Incheon-class frigates. They were outnumbered both in numbers and in firepower, but Mike knows that this is his only chance if the Mongols are not to land on Philippine soil.

His aide, Jherico Liu, calls him, and he steps up on the podium to address the country:

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed people of the Republic of the Philippines, I’m wishing you a pleasant evening.

You may be surprised at my sudden appearance, so I have a big surprise for you:

We are at war with Mongolia since two hours ago. The Mongolian Air Force has just crushed half of our F/A 50 planes off the coast of Batanes, and as we speak, a large Mongolian fleet is steaming towards Lingayen Gulf.

But do not fear.

We will fight to the <expletive> end!

We will not let invaders trample our sacred shores!

We will stay as the Pearl of the Orient!

God bless you all. Thank you.

After the speech, the President, his aides, and his entourage immediately whisked away towards a bunker complex at the coast of Laguna Lake. They knew very well that the Sukhoi multi-role planes will start bombing the capital soon, and that they have only Hawk and Stinger anti-air missiles for self-defense.

Mike Stevens was disappointed. He never thought that he will face war…even though he pursued a peace policy.

Children will die. People will be killed. Dreams will be destroyed.

Why? Why?

After ten minutes, they have reached the complex, and just as they got into the bunker, Mike saw the explosions from the corner of his eye.

“Khan 101, this is Tumen 200. We have just struck targets off the coast of Manila.”

“Continue destroying any targets of opportunity.”

“Khan 101, this is Tumen 230. The refineries at the coast are blown up. We are going back to refuel and rearm.”

“Good, good. Carry on.”

The Mongolian Air Force commander is really exhilarated at the smoothness of the operation. They have just destroyed the northern arm of the Philippine Air Force a few hours ago, which was composed of 129 F/A 50 jets; all were downed while losing only 15 Sukhoi T-50 jets.

However, he knows that something is amiss.

The fact that the PAF did not yet use their ace pilots unnerved him.

He knows that sooner or later, they will have to face their worst enemies soon, for the Philippine Air Force aces are considered to be the best in Asia.

He tries to shrug off the thought.

Here’s the next chapter!

Hoping that you enjoyed this World War Online fanfiction series!

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