April 21, 2024

Inside the bunker in Laguna Lake, Mike Stevens started to make diplomatic calculations.

He knows that he must delay the Mongolians as long as they can if they want Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India to be able to help them.

We must be strong enough in order to convince them that we will be worth the deal.

He starts to make phone calls to the leaders of these countries. Myanmar has also launched a mini-offensive towards China, which is one of Mongolia’s protectorate nations.

Good enough.

But can we survive this?

Jawhar Usman and Rave finally meet at Edwin Andrews Air Base in Zamboanga City.

The city is Rave’s hometown, and it is also known for housing the 15th Strike Wing, one of the elite formations of the Philippine Air Force.

“How are you, bro?”

“We’re fine. Thanks. Welcome to my city.”

“Look, we need to talk.”

“About your exploits in Istanbul?”


“Look, come to my office and we will have a very good conversation. Ok?”

Then, turning to one of his subordinates, Rave said:

“Prepare the planes. We will be flying in fifteen minutes.”

The subordinate goes off in his Jeep.

This is the beginning, he thought.

But of what? I don’t know.

Why people need to do war anyways?

He just sighed, then turned to Jawhar and said:

“Let’s go.”

The two of them speeded away inside Rave’s Land Rover…

After his conversation with Jawhar, Rave and his fighter wing quickly went to the skies with their F-16 air superiority planes. They have just recieved information from the Excalibur combat system that a large number of SU-35 fighter jets and several Tu-95 bombers were on their way to Oyster Bay in order to destroy the remaining assets of the Philippine Navy, which is composed of 3 submarines, 5 OHP frigates, and several dozen Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPACs).

One of his pilots asked:

“Seeker One, this is Seeker Five. Requesting rules of engagement, over.”

Rave answered back:

“Fire at will, people. Don’t hold back.”

Then another one warned them all:

“Seekers, we are reporting a large formation and half a dozen SU-35s coming towards our direction.”

Rave knows very well that the enemy planes are capable of extremely complex maneuvers and that their jets are no match for the SU-35 unless they shoot first.

“People, fire two missiles each on step. Choose your targets, make your firing solutions, and fire!”

Each of the 15 F-16 jets fired two missiles towards targets that are 150 miles away, then they released a batch of chaff afterwards, reeling to the east.

“Okay, gentlemen, they have got the message, now get out of formation!”

The squad separated into teams of three, and each team is locked onto one jet.

“Seeker Two, I can see a lock, evasive maneuvers!”

“Seeker Five, this is Seeker Twelve. Group has just detached another half dozen bogies.”

“Bogies at six o’ clock! Chaff ’em!”

Rave’s F-16 is suddenly locked by numerous missile signatures, and he is releasing chaff like hell.

Within two minutes, dozens of explosions dominated the sky as both sides tried to shoot each other down; however, it seems that their countermeasures have held on for now.

“Seeker Seven and Eight, follow me, let’s fly low!”

Flight Three, as they were called, flew low over the water in order to lure the Su-35s to fire missiles from above; their ploy worked, as several Su-35s fired rockets at tehm; only to be blocked by chaff and explode in the sea.

“Flight Three, pull up!”

The first kill of the dogfight went to Seeker Seven, as if fired a combination of missiles and lead towards a Su-35 that seemed to be lost out of its course.

“One down, guys!”

“Nice. Nice. Now, let’s see that the same happens to the rest of the Mongolians!”

They tried to go for more, but the Mongolians have seemed to realized that they were facing the cream of the crop of the Philippine Air Force, and they decided to shoot their missiles from afar.

Despite them pushing their chaffs, the missile rain never stopped. Rave knows that it is now or never, so he ordered everyone to turn headlong towards the Mongolian air formation.

He personally just wanted to bump his F-16 onto a Tupolev bomber.

This should shake them.

It seemed like the old-school cavalry charges of the 18th century; Rave just fired all of his missiles towards the Mongolian horde, taking down two or three of them.

Then he ordered his pilots to go full throttle, and to lock their planes on autopilot mode towards the bombers with their miniguns on.

One by one, the pilots of the elite 15th Strike Wing ejected into the South China Sea, while their planes went for the Tupolev bombers.

Only three of them were able to reach their targets. The rest were wrecked by missiles from the Su-35s.

The battle has just ended.

For Herlen Hazard, the battle meant that even though they lost 5 Su-35 planes and 3 Bear bombers (and that the remnants of the Philippine Navy have slipped away), they were able to destroy the elite of the Philippine Air Force.

So that’s it? Manila should be easy then.

He just basked in the summer sun at the deck of his yacht somewhere of the coast of Batanes. the island has just been taken by his elite troops after an easy battle with the members of the Philippine National Guard.

Those reservists.

They are nothing but a bunch of fools.

He just takes a sip of his iced tea.

“People, get ready, the yak-eaters are here!”

Commander Jherico Liu stands in front of his troops as the armored columns of the Mongolian Army appeared in Calumpit.

The battle was very intense, as planes dropped all sorts of ordnance onto every position where Filipino soldiers are located. At the same time, the line did not buckle; the Philippine Army is giving everything just to defend the homeland.

“Enemy tank, 1’o clock!”

“Fire the Javelin!”

“Enemy tank, 11’o clock!”

“Point that 155 at ’em! <expletive> the Mongols!”

There is a lot of blood as the Mongolians are throwing wave after wave of troops and tanks towards the Philippine positions.

Jawhar Usman calls a number on his phone. It is a Pakistani named Ali or something.

“Assalamun alaykum.”

“Walaikum salam. Brother. How is Filipin?”

“Mongolia is strong. We are bit losing.”

“Ok. Look. I talk with Zarga. He will try to stop conflict.”

“It is hard to convince Herlen.”

“Herlen just wants the petrol, teh pearls, and the deuterium, you know that, right?”

“Yeah. And our president knows it too.”

“Okay. I think your president has made a move.”

“I know right?”

In the meantime, Mike Stevens can clearly see the suffering of his troops through the Excalibur battle system. The Mongolians are throwing everything, and he knows that the line will break sooner than later.

He has already talked with Krishna Lakshmi, the Indian minister, as well as representatives from the Sri Lankan and the Bangladesh government.

They want some time.

They want three days.

He argued that it was not enough. Unfortunately, that’s the way diplomacy works.

Can they hold for three days?

“Commander, the Excalibur system reports a large contingent of Mongolian troops fresh from Lingayen! We have been reduced to 60% combat efficiency at the moment, what should we do?”

Liu thought for a moment, then he said,

“Order our troops to booby trap their positions, barricade some of the streers, mine them: JUST DO ANYTHING TO DELAY the MONGOLIANS to the RIVER!”

“Affirmative sir. Then?”

“We fall back to the river, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! Now let’s get going!”

Outside, Katyusha rockets rained on almost every house in Calumpit at the side of the river where they are standing. He knows that Lopez is waiting at the other side.

They need to do a better job than this.

“Are you ready!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“Are you ready to slaughter Mongolians!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“Okay, then, charge!”

The troops of the Northern Task Force are approaching from the North in order to ease the attack on Calumpit.

They are coming with everything that they can muster.

Herlen Hazard is not worried.

He knows that even though his troops are attacked from two sides, they can maneuver.

He just drinks a sip of his iced tea.

B***h please.

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