June 18, 2024

NOTE: This fanfiction series was done between 2013-15, when there were still governments and people could field unlimited armies. It was plain…yet it was the golden age of World War Online, with hundreds of concurrent users and some thousand users at its peak hours.

Rave just gasped in horror as he saw on the Excalibur battle system the explosion of the Father Bomb, which practically engulfed all of Metro Manila, killing hundreds of thousands of people instantly and ripping the city into a zillion pieces.

He tried to fight back his tears.

But he could not.

A tear went down his right eye. He wiped it immediately.

They will pay for this. One way or the other. They will pay.

He has asked for permission from the President to launch a nuclear strike on Ulan Batur.

“What did you say?”

“Sir, there’s nothing left!”

“We must not be engulfed by revenge!”

“Sir, this is not revenge! This is total war!”

“Alright. Prepare your troops. I have already asked Pakistan for some dirty nukes, and they ahve dropped it at Mactan Air Base. Prepare your planes once we are in Cebu.”

Rave nodded.

He will do everything to make them pay. Even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Jawhar Usman prepared the bombs, which were actually Tomahawk missiles equipped with an ultra-compact fusion warhead.

These weapons are secret! How much did the President pay for this?

HE just shrugged.

Behind him, he could see the ruins of the capital.

Ahead of him, he could see the BMPTs ripping everyone with their 4 rocket launchers, two 30-mm autocannons, miniguns and two 40-mm automatic grenade launchers. They had nothing left but Javelins and a couple of 155s: How will they win against this massacre?

No one thought that the Mongolians will land later on at Albay.

Now, the Army is divided into two: those who are north of the city and those who are south of it.

We will keep fighting even with only sticks and stones.

Because we have nothing left. Nothing.

“Sir! What are your orders?”

“Kill them all. If you have only pistols and grenades to do it, just charge them!”

“Yes, sir”.

Resignation and determination. They know that they need these two qualities right now.

Herlen looks with alarm as the Indonesian Navy is approaching the Philippine sea border.

What the f**k are they doing?

He hopes that the Asian nations haven’t started to make their moves yet.

Or else…

He will be flat-footed.

He does not want to be flat-footed.

He does not want to.

“Leader One, this is Flight 101. What is our waypoint?”

“Flight 101, this is Leader. We are going north towards Okinawa, then turn northwest towards Korea. Upon passing the Chinese border, we head straight for our target.”

Rave knows that it is a suicidal mission. If they succeed, they will be the first air force in history to blow up 15 thermobaric bombs. If they fail, then they will be known as the people who went for a last-ditch effort to save their nation.

Rave hated heroics. He’d rather be reading books and playing Wing Commander Saga with his friends back at his hometown.

Sadly, the war came. And he did not have enough time to do the things that he wants.

“Leader, this is Flight 103.We are approaching Waypoint 1.”

“Okay, gentlemen, we will fly by instrument-visual. Initiate radio silence. Good luck. Step down as low as you can. Good hunting.”

They have around half an hour to think.

To think…

In the meantime, the Mongolian Army has conquered all of Luzon, with the exception of the Mountain Province and the Cordillera Region.

Herlen was really happy. However, he knows that the key to the vast deuterium fields is found at the Cordillera Mountains.

The remaining forces of the Philippine Army on the island are fighting with whatever they have, thus giving Herlen’s forces a very terrible time.

Well, there’s not much action now, so I guess, I’ll just go to sleep. He closes his laptop, and goes to his bed inside his luxurious yacht.

He is not aware of the predicament that is waiting for him…

Mike Stevens is now busy phoning everyone, from the Malaysians to the Indians, urging them to make a statement.

However, the Asian leaders decided to wait and base their reactions on the raid that is happening right now.

Come on Rave, we need this!

This is the first time that Mike prayed really hard.

Maybe his prayers will be accepted.



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