May 19, 2024

NOTE: This fanfiction series was done between 2013-15, when there were still governments and people could field unlimited armies. It was plain…yet it was the golden age of World War Online, with hundreds of concurrent users and some thousand users at its peak hours.

“W3 reached. Initiate contact with targets.”

Rave has identified five targets: their secret naval base at a location off the Sea of Okhotsk, Five Hills, Ulan Batar, Erdenet, and Baotao. The strikes will destroy a very good part of Mongolia’s capability to conduct total war, thus forcing them to accept the settlement.

At least, that’s the plan.

He has turned on his passive radar and electronic countermeasures; his wing-men also did the same. Afterwards, they separated into flights of three.

This is it.

They calmly traversed the distance, hoping not to attract any air defense systems until they reach within striking distance of Ulan Batar.

Okay, steady…

Rave is nervous, and he’s pretty sure that all of his wingmen felt more or less the same. After all, they are carrying nothing but two external fuel tanks, two AIM-6 Sidewinder missiles, and one modified Tomahawk missile for each plane.

If the Mongolian Air Force notices this, we would be dead in seconds.

The excitement and the thrill of the hunt were there.

Rave’s flight has just reached striking range of Ulan Batar. The missiles will streak for three minutes; then they will bug out towards the Sea of Okhotsk as planned.

If everything goes as planned.

Rave and his men press the proverbial red button, and soon, three missiles streaked through the Mongolian moonlight.

All of a sudden, radars went on as if they were provoked by the light of the missiles, and surely, soon enough, SAMs were streaking everywhere.

Rave instructed his men to fly north-north-east, which will lead them to the Sea of Okhotsk.

Damn it.

Rave is pumping chaff as hell; it seems that there were no planes on duty for the night, as they only had to contend with SAMs and anti-aircraft fire.

“Gentlemen, fire 1 missile to the ground to cover our heat signature! Now!”

The pilots edited their firing solutions to allow the missiles to be fired to the ground, and soon enough, three explosions were heard in the Mongolian steppe, followed by an orchestra of fireballs.

“Bug out as fast as you can! Nevermind anything! Just get the hell out of YAK-EATER SOIL!!!”

In the Excalibur combat system, he could see the status of his pilots. Three were blue, which meant that they were safe at their objective; five were red, which meant that they were downed. The rest, including his plane, are labeled orange; which meant that the plane is “hot on its heels”. However, he noticed that all the planes have “DP”, which meant that they were able to fire the missiles.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the bombs exploded; Night turned into morning, and soon enough, there was a short moment of silence.

We have succeeded!

All their targets have been confirmed to be destroyed through satellite imagery, and soon enough, Rave and his men ejected into the sea, knowing that a group of Naval Special Agents are waiting with their boats to take them back to their country.

The people will never know who drove the planes.

But it will not matter.

Because the people will see the light, and will see that war is an useless pastime.

Herlen was suddenly awoke by the shaking of his lady aide, Nohai.

“Herlen, they’ve just wrecked everything!!!”

Herlen could not believe it.

“What did you mean they destroyed everything?”

“Ulan Bator, Five…all are gone!”

Herlen stood up, went to the laptop, and watched the satellite images.


“Goddamn it.”

At a press conference in Cebu, Mike Stevens has just said the following words:

Those invaders have now tasted our wrath.

Now it is time to rebuild our nation.

With the help of our friends,

We will emerge stronger and greater from the ashes

Of what we have lost today.

Let us have a minute of silence

For all the people we have lost

And who are our heroes in our hearts.

Afterwards, the Asian Union came with the following statement on television:

We stand by the Philippines’ determination to maintain its independence. We also saw how far they are willing to go, and we also saw how much are they willing to pay for their freedom. We request immediate negotiations between the Mongolian and Philippine governments.

As we speak, the Indian, Malaysian, and the Indonesian navies are underway in the South China Sea. Myanmar and Vietnam have also launched attacks on Mongolian installations in China.

We are willing to do whatever we can in the name of democracy.

We hope that we have made this clear.

Thank you and you may have a pleasant day.

Herlen is really furious after he watched the news on the television.


After days of fighting and of near-misses with the hand of Death, Mike welcomed Rave and Jawhar Usman back into his ship. It has been a very long time since the war has begun.

Was it a very long time?

Or was it three days ago?

The Indonesian Navy has just docked off Manila Bay.

They were appalled at the sight of a city that has been turned into ashed.

To God is the return.

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