February 21, 2024

Major General Lopez and Brigadier General Liu were looking at each other with surprise as the Mongolians were signalling green flags.

Then, a Mongolian officer said in broken English:

“You lucky. You got piece. Want some yak?”

Lopez and Liu just laughed.

They decided to sign the agreement at the Spratly Islands.

Mike Stevens and Herlen Hazard looked at each other with contempt. Both of them will never forget the mass massacres that occurred in the name of defending their countries and interests.

Lakshmi, flanked by the Indonesian and Malaysian foreign ministers, read the rules of the agreement as follows:

  1. In order to ensure peace in the Philippine archipelago, a multinational force will be stationed in Luzon in order to monitor both the Mongolian pullout and ensure the redevelopment of the country.
  2. In order to ensure the development of the country, a mulitnational corporation will be formed in order to mine the deuterium off the Philippine coast. As a precaution, 20% of the proceeds will be taken by the consortium in order to allow for operating expenses.

Yeah, operating expenses. Bloody bastards, said Stevens under his breath.

  1. Finally, Mongolian forces should be out of the country within 15 days. A multinational team will assess the ceasefire within this period and will provide any necessary assistance.

What the hell?

The Asian ministers decided that there will be no reparations; meaning that each country will shoulder its losses.

Fair enough.

Jawhar Usman was bored, and he just played 2048 on his phone, which was an old-fashioned mathematical game.

Well, so much for good intelligence.

He just took a sip off his lemonade.

And looked towards the sun.

The sun was shining brightly.

And the sky looked great.

Everything was open for him.


Rave was just looking at the horizon.

He took a personal vow never to fight again. With that, he has taken off his uniform and asked for a boat to take him to Palawan.

I will start my pearl business there. I’ll live silently.

War is never profitable.

When will people understand?


Ironically, in Mongolia, Hazard’s rule just became stronger, because there were no dissidents to stop him from ruling the country.

Though he did not get exactly what he want, at least he has now the deuterium that he needs.

Mongolia is always strong.

People know this from the time of the Great Khan.

Even when he was Timujin.

And I am here to continue his legacy.

He bowed down at the banner inside his office, then he went back to his villa to have a rest.

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