May 19, 2024
tips for bored students during COVID-19

Well, here are some tips for bored students during COVID-19.

So, I’m not usually in the position to give advice to people. I detest it, as a matter of fact.

After all, I’m not a fan of saying things that I do not practice myself. However, I think it’s time to give students more options on the stuff that they can do during the time of this global pandemic that is COVID-19.

There are many things that students can do during the time of quarantine, apart from doing household chores and sleeping as long as possible. While it is commendable for you to study different things and lessons, the truth is that you should only do so if you’re sure that you’re not going to be super tired at the end of it all.

First, students can always exercise by doing some basic stretching routines, as well as taking a walk around the house. Cleaning the house is also a good way to exercise; if nothing else, it burns away the excess food that you were eating in the past few days! You can also play physical games with your Nintendo Wii…as long as you sweat well, it’s going to be fine!

Second, students can always play games together. I mean, you can create your own clan in a space-faring strategy game like Stellaris or something like Fortnite/Roblox/Minecraft. You can do a lot of things and go far if you do them together. Besides, it’s more fun to do it together than to do it alone!

Third, students can always pursue a new hobby. As far as I know, many of my current students have access to the internet – this means that they can learn a lot of things through YouTube. Learning a new thing or two is always a big plus!

Fourth, students can always work together on something collaborative. Build a website through WordPress and post something. Create a page where one can share art and support each other’s creative pursuits. Start up an online book (or series) and ask everyone to read it; hey, who knows, you might be a well-read author/group at a very young age! Or share your art – everyone loves art that is beautiful! If you’re someone who is into coding and design, you can make your own little programs…

Fifth, you can always read a book and do a book club of sorts. Debate your books, make recommendations to each other, and write book reviews. Do a Facebook group where you can share all your thoughts!

If you need someone to read your books, look at your artwork, test your programs, or talk with, just hit me up through email! I try to support student-made things in my own free time…

Here’s to hoping that these tips for bored students in the time of COVID-19 prove helpful. Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

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