June 18, 2024
Here is an experiential review of Mech Battle!

So, I finally get to play the latest patch of Mech Battle.

Lo and behold, it is now heading towards the makings of a new game rather than an “open beta” session.

Here are the things that I noticed in the game:

  • Better connection warnings and latency support: Players with slow network speeds can now join and play reliably, provided that they have a stable connection. The game also warns if a player is about to disconnect from the game and gives a message when the game can’t be loaded due to bad internet connections.
  • The game has now flavor text in the Google Play Store.

In addition, heavy bots HIT HARD, medium bots provide UTILITY and ONE CAN FEEL the SPEED of the light bots in this new patch. With that being said, the stability and consistency interaction between the hit box and the projectile has been improved drastically.

IN LAYMAN’S WORDS: Faster battles, more damage and more pain.

There is now an actual logic to playing the light-medium-heavy class system. In addition, it has become an all-comers game as nearly every build is now viable at the moment.

With that being said, I observed that I have been matched with people from my own country more often. This tells two things:

  1. Priority for regional matchmaking has been increased.
  2. There are more players in the game nowadays.

I am happy to see more players in this game and players in my country embracing it.

In addition, I am happy with my games, gaining lots of victories and losing some. This time around, I am convinced that I am playing proper games!

Finally, there is now some variety with the maps, as well as a plethora of mechanics to interact with (opening/closing doors, close corners, top-down maps, in-out maps, cover, etc.)

Overall, the game feels solid and more polished than ever before!

On another note, I am looking forward to see the game grow beyond its basic version today. With a developer like Djinnworks behind this title, this game might well be able to make waves this 2019!

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