April 19, 2024
Alam niyo ba kung bakit bawal ang iyakin? Here is a very deep and detailed analysis on the social and mathematical origins of being iyakin!
Bawal ang iyakin.
May tubig na libre bes.

Bawal ang iyakin.

Kaso, alam naman nating lahat na karamihan sa atin ay mahilig magmura. Gusto din nating umasta bilang siga. Aminin na rin natin na we are looking for a place to vent our anger and frustrations, away from the realities of our lives here in the Philippines.

Aminin na lang rin natin na marami sa atin ay toxic…at nagiging masaya sa pagiging toxic.

That’s why the concept of being an iyakin exists.

Sobra tayo sa pag-iyak.

We escape the real world through games. Also, we are supposed to just have fun. Also, if we are tilted, we should just step from the game and call it a day.

Kaso, parang hinde umuubra eh.

Salt and water
Wag ka nang umiyak bes.

So, based on the notorious “cry is free” post that was posted in HLTV.org many years ago, here is the analysis that we will see about crying – of course, with correct grammar and proper mathematics:


“Cry is free” is one constantly used sentence for users who are complaining about everything in online games.

But what most people don’t know is that this sentence is actually a huge freaking lie.

As far as we know, tears consist of water and salt (1 gram per liter), and both of these ingredients are not free.

Here I listed the price of 10 liters of tears for the Philippines. Depending on one’s social bracket, it’s 0.5 to 3 times the average.

I used the following formula (price is in Philippine Pesos): (price of 150 grams of McCornick iodized salt/15) + (price of 19 liters of water/1.9)

(15 pesos for 150 grams inside a plastic bag/15) + (45/1.9) = (1) + (23.68) = (24.68 pesos)

If 10 liters is 24.68 (25 pesos), then 1 liter of tears is 2.5 pesos. If you have a lower social bracket, your tears are only worth 1.25 pesos. If you are a conyo and have loads of money, your tears are worth 7.5 pesos.

Therefore, I conclude that being an iyakin is not free. It’s useless, and doing it only costs you water, salt, and money – all of these could be used for BETTER PURPOSES.


Hinde libre umiyak. Kapag umiyak ka, para kang cheap na ewan (kaya nga sabi nila sa mga kanta talk is cheap, di ba?)

At kapag pinahahalagahan mo naman ang iyak mo (dahil expensive ang salt na ginamit mo sa pagiyak mo), bakit mo naman sasayangin sa isang online na laro, di ba bes?

In other words, cry is never free. So don’t waste it.

Bawal ang iyakin.

About the Iyakin

Earl Carlo Guevarra, 27 and a proud Zamboangueño, is a teacher of English based in the heart of Manila. When he’s not teaching children the fundamentals of grammar, he writes essays and poems, many of which have been published locally and internationally. He also loves fruit shakes and video games.

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