April 19, 2024
Do you want to see how a small alliance brings the fight to one of Tenebris's biggest alliances? Then read on!
Biggest Upset of Mobile Stellaris

In what could be one of the biggest upsets of Mobile Stellaris history, Philippine Patriots (PHP), a small alliance from the Philippines, engages Ulfhednar, one of the biggest clans in Tenebris (Server 7 at 158 million strength and 72 territories) as they inflict damage in the Southwest Quadrant after a long and protracted battle.

PHP destroyed a metric ton of PWN’s fleets, while sacking eight bases, two FTL inhibitors, and two capital sectors at the same time. Some of the most notable names whose bases were sacked include DarthVader (5m strength at the time of the war) and JSKY (7m strength at the time of the war).

PWN didn’t want to have a fleet-only agreement with PHP in the war; as a reason, both sides played and slaughtered each other’s fleets in a no-holds barred manner.

mobile stellaris 1
At Jataramus.

The alliance used only ten fleets, with a maximum total of 2 million worth of strength in the battle, with the Dominus Mandia, Dominus Astra, Astra Tramontare, and Exterminatus fleets leading the charge.

One note to mention is that Sama Victrix (Victory of Sama; named after the people of the Southern Philippines who were never defeated by the Spanish and the Americans in history), fought with valor during the raids on the galaxy.

Meanwhile, PWN was attacking Imperial Trading Corp, Necromonger Empire, and LOZ throughout the course of the war with their multiple “multi-million” fleets. All of the latter alliances fought bravely and tenaciously in their respective sectors and stood proudly despite the odds. There were other alliances too who joined, in an attempt to give everyone in Tenebris a chance to live in prosperity and equality.

mobile stellaris 2
During one of the surgical raids.

There were many other alliances who declared war on PWN that day, each with their respective battle objectives. There have been no reports as of this time regarding the status of those engagements.

PWN taunted PHP throughout the course of the battle, with many of being surprised how come that the clan even existed in the game, and their supporters trash-talking on the general chat; however, they were not able to stop the numerous surgical strikes that the alliance has thrown at them throughout the course of the war period.

With this moment that could be considered as one of the biggest (near) upsets of Mobile Stellaris history, PHP can now claim that they were among those who can slay the titans of Tenebris.

Monarc, ElVago, seemoreboobs, KaliKat, and Redbaron569’s bases were also torched and plundered in the process.

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