June 18, 2024
Bren Esports Grabs

Bren Esports grabs the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship after beating Burmese Ghouls in a back-and-forth match, 4-3, on Sunday night.

The Filipino side won games 1 and 2, while the Myanmar squad won games 3,4, and 5 to get to match point. Bren Esports took it beyond Game 6 to get to the final game and win it all.

In the first game, Bren had to overcome an early game deficit; however, through the timely plays of Ribo on Alice (5/2/9, 15014 gold) and KarlTzy on Claude (5/3/10, 15075 gold), the Filipino squad was able to claw their way back and win with a 19-15 scoreline at 19:30.

Bren Esports Grabs M2
Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Screenshot via FB.

Meanwhile, in the second game, Bren just rolled over the Burmese side with their momentum-based plays, getting a 26-4 kill tally and finishing the game at 12:40. KarlTzy on Yi-Sun Shin (9/1/8, 12606 gold) shone throughout the game for his team, while veteran player Ribo on Pharsa got a clean slate (8/0/9, 9968 gold) and provided maximum clash presence for their side.

Bren Esports Grabs M2

Going into the third game, Burmese Ghouls decided to remind Bren of their existence by playing a pressure-based game. The Filipino side was barely holding on to the game, basing their efforts on a scaling lineup; however, during the Lord fight at the 11 minute mark, the Myanmar squad destroyed Bren, getting 4 kills; however Bren was able to defend their base at the 12 minute mark, grabbing 3 kills. Despite that, the Myanmar squad was able to finish it off moments later. It was a team effort, with Ruby DD giving a lot of effort on his Chou (2/2/4 and 10120 gold) for the Burmese Ghouls.

Bren Esports Grabs M2

In the fourth game, Bren Esports went for an aggressive lineup, while Burmese Ghouls went for the greedy two-marksman draft. Despite a very flashy performance in the early game, the Filipino squad was unable to shut down the Myanmar squad and when Yi Sun-Shin and Claude came online, Burmese Ghouls was able to finish the game quite quickly.

For the fifth match, the Burmese Ghouls decided to play a draft that would allow them to deal with anything that Bren would throw at them in the late game. Once again, Bren had the control of the early game; however, the Myanmar side took what they could and placed trust in their lineup to take the game 20-12 at the 16th minute mark. With this win, Myanmar is now on match point, and the Filipino side had to win two games in order to win the championship.

Going on to the sixth game, the Burmese Ghouls decided to go with multiple Executes, along with a lineup that scaled well for early and mid-game; meanwhile, Bren went for mages and a draft that could go for late-game domination. With KarlTzy going 9/1/11 and having 13073 gold plus multiple defensive items, Bren was able to turn it back into a best-of-one affair with the clear-cut win.

In the final game, Bren Esports went for a lineup based on Claude in order to get the game, the series, and the World Championship. With this win, Bren Esports win the MSC, MPL, and the M2 trophies, and Bren’s KarlTzy is the Final MVP, bringing home $3,000!

In order to get to the playoffs, Bren Esports dispatched Indonesian powerhouse Alter Ego (2-0) and Japan’s 10S Gaming Frost (2-0) in the group stage.

Once they came to the playoffs, Bren had to endure a beating from the Myanmar side in the group stage (0-2) and win against Malaysia’s own Todak (2-1), face against Alter Ego once again (2-1) and arrange a lower bracket showdown with RRQ Hoshi (3-1) in order to reach the grand finals.

Teams from Brazil (DreamMax), Cambodia (Impunity KH), Russia (Unique Devu), Singapore (Resurgence and EVOS SG) and also Omega Esports from the Philippines have joined the Mobile Legends world championship.

With this victory, Bren Esports grabs their much-coveted Mobile Legends world championship title, and brings back home $140,000 in cash, along with their customized and branded skin on a hero of their choice.

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