April 21, 2024
cheating in valorant

So, here’s what I want to say about cheating in Valorant and in any other competitive video game out there.

Let me mince no words.

A suspect is innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable charge. Likewise, a suspect who has been proven to be inexorably guilty SHOULD BEAR ALL THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COME WITH THEIR ACTIONS, without any complaints whatsoever.

Let me say the same in Tagalog: Pag hinde napatunayan ng todo-todo na may kasalanan ang tao, inosente po yan. Ang taong may kasalanan ay dapat panindigan ang ibingay na parusa sa kanya nang walang pagrereklamo.

In this sense, the entire Valorant community has heard Mika Daime’s case already; the suspect clips, the rough flicks, the shady agent kills. Numerous content has been made out of it by both local and international content creators, and it has already been covered extensively.

While unconfirmed through official sources, it seems that Riot Games has already given already their verdict on the matter.

Here is our statement on this case:

From now on, there will be no more discussion of Mika Daime’s alleged cheating case in this group, in order to preserve the group’s original purpose of being a place where people can talk and improve their general gaming knowledge of the first-person shooter (FPS) that we all know as Valorant.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if someone gets roasted for cheating in Valorant or elsewhere: You get what you deserve, and everyone should frown on cheating in the strongest way possible. However, there are times that the discussion goes “under the belt,” that is, it gravitates towards personal insults and judgments of her general character/persona.

On a side note, if you do not like the streamer even after the events that happened today, use your common sense and just unfollow her! Is it so hard to do?

Finally, I wish that there was more variety of content apart from the memes/streams/highlights/art that people display in this group. If anyone of you wrote a poem, a written blog, or any other media regarding Valorant, PM me on Facebook and be sure that I’ll try to personally support it** [enable it (enabler vibes, ahem ahem)]. We want this group to be an area where people can share diverse content and not be a stream/shitposting dump.

The administration and its moderators have already deliberated on this matter multiple times, and they have expressed similar opinions in a unanimous manner. REGARDLESS of WHAT WE THINK or HOW WE ANALYZE the SITUATION AT HAND, at the end of the day, it is not for us to decide which player gets banned from a game. The ball is in the developer’s hands now.

We do not want this group to be a space where people are harassed online due to their alleged cheating cases. As I said, hate the cheating case and NOT hate the person.

If you have any questions about this statement, please forward them to ecg.lostindreams@gmail.com – thank you and have a nice day ahead.

Earl Carlo Guevarra
Correspondent for CSGO2ASIA
Honorary Administrator
Valorant Philippines Community

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