June 18, 2024
Here is a Departing Terra review! In this review, you will find out the good, bad, and great things about Departing Terra!
Departing Terra review

This is a Departing Terra review. Please take note that the game is still in the beta phase!

Let’s start with the obvious part about Departing Terra: It is a more action-packed, content-loaded version of Clash of Clans…in space!

In this Departing Terra review, we will go through the basics of the game, as well as its good and bad sides.

Departing Terra is a space game by Netease Games. For those who are not familiar with Netease, they are responsible for many award-winning competitive games, including Rules of Survival, Super Mecha Champions, and MARVEL Super War, among others.

Departing Terra

The game is rather complex; however, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to easily navigate around the game. It incorporates many elements from different strategy genres, thus allowing for people from other gaming titles to make the switch pretty easily.

One of the complex parts of the game is the fact that you have two bases: a main orbital platform that hosts all of your tech buildings, and a colony ship that can have turrets, gathering platforms, and ships depending on the colony’s population. You have to really pay attention to these two elements in order to be able to gain the most out of the game.

For the most part, the game has the makings of a great upcoming franchise.

There are many different modes in the game, ensuring lots of replayability. These include the single-player mode which allows players to encounter different defenses and storylines, as well as the numerous multiplayer modes that allow enterprising players to make their mark inside the game, as well as create resources! In short, Departing Terra has room for gamers of every stripe.

In addition, the game’s community features (alliances, world chat, Discord, etc.) allow players to be able to converse and interact with players from different countries and parts of the world even at this stage.

Finally, the events are abundant, and players can easily catch up with their peers even if they have started the game late. In other words, there’s opportunity for everyone to grow and gain a respectable standing in the game.

As for the game’s resources, there are three of them: Solarium is used to build and upgrade buildings and turrets as well as buy blueprints, Alloy is used to buy weapons and ships as well as their respective upgrades, while U-Coins are used as the game’s main soft currency.

Combat is really intuitive and three-dimensional: From the deployment of defenses to the creation of offensive strategies, the game has a lot to offer for everyone out there…and yes, it is challenging to create the best squad for each situation, unless you are a player who already has a high-level Command Center.

Departing Terra
Top-down view.

What I loved about the game is the fact that the graphics and animations were running well despite their intricate detail. I am also enamored with the game’s space vibes, as well as very good competitive and community support despite this being early in the beta phase.

As for the bad parts, the system mails can be buggy; in addition, the flagship’s guns don’t work at times during the campaign, though it might have been fixed already as I played the game a few hours ago. The response times between different actions may be delayed too; however, given the game is still being optimized; I believe that it is going to be a much refined game in the future. On a side note, they sometimes have delays when it comes to their Facebook community prizes, but it’s understandable, considering that it is still a young title.

Overall, I will give Departing Terra a score of 8/10. Very solid, entertaining, and definitely a game to watch in the future!

We do hope that you loved this Departing Terra review! It is available for download on Android!

Please do note that Departing Terra is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

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