December 3, 2023
dignity in games

Dignity in games and online interactions is not a new topic. It is supposed to be a buzzword and a placeholder for something we call “basic ethics” and “common sense” in the real world.

I really wonder why there are people who are so zealous when it comes to cheating cases that have been officially concluded by the company who created the game.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if someone gets roasted for cheating in Valorant or elsewhere: You SHOULD get what you deserve, and everyone should frown on cheating in the strongest way possible.

However, there are times that the discussion goes “under the belt,” that is, it gravitates towards personal insults and judgments of the person’s general character/persona. That is simply not acceptable, regardless of which value system one is going to base it on.

I have actually discussed this cheating issue personally with my friends, some of them being trusted observers and cheat-checkers in tournaments, with each of us reaching different results.

However, we (especially those who moderate online gaming groups) understand that we are supposed to implement whatever policies and rules that were placed in order to keep these groups as holistic and safe spaces, and not serve as judge, jury, and executioner.

A sense of dignity in games and online interactions should be the norm, not the exception.

This means respect the other players out there, don’t use racist or sexist remarks towards strangers, and try just to be a decent person out there.

I try to think that the reason why we cannot act with dignity in our online interactions

I just hope that it is not the result of our lack of education, or worse, a lack of humanity, moral fiber, and basic digital citizenship.

I also wonder why people do not use common sense when it comes to these cases. Regardless of what we think about an issue, we should remember that the end result of a due process matters.

On a side note, if someone does not like the streamer/personality/influencer/God-knows-what-you-want-to-call-it even after the events that happened in this case, why is it so hard to use one’s brain and just unfollow him/her! Is it so hard to do?

I really wish that people also pursue the same energy and determination when it comes to comparatively bigger issues in the local gaming and esports industry that should merit more attention, such as addressing sexual harassment, creating a vibrant and safe space for everyone, uplifting the dignity of gamers, exploring the intersections between games and culture, and fostering a more inclusive scene, among others.

If people spent their energies in order to address and amplify the voices that talk about these issues, then the world might just be a better place.

We are people with dignity, and we should also uplift the dignity of other people, whether in the games that we play, the online spaces we interact with, and in real life as well.

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