April 19, 2024
Here is a quick and personal review of the upcoming NFT space MMO Farsite! What are the things that you should watch out? Read on for more!
farsite review

This is a Farsite review. Please take note that the game is not even yet in the pre-alpha phase, and things may change accordingly!

Here is a quick impression!

So, upon a quick cursory search on Google, a typical gamer could see that there’s a good amount of buzz about Farsite on the interwebs.

It’s easy to see why: Farsite looks to be a solid concept as far as NFT games go.

farsite review
360 visuals.

The first thing that everyone should know is that Farsite aims to be a space MMO that integrates both NFT and land-staking features. One has also the potential to pursue a life track within the game through different professions, which allows for a lot of possibilities.

Second, Farsite’s visuals already look stunning, though they may need optimization later on as the server’s population increases. Remember EVE, anyone?

Third, the interface contains a lot of information that the players need in order to get into the game. This potentially makes transition for new players easier and allows them to participate sooner!

At the moment, there are still 240 parcels of land for grabs within Farsite. Some of them may be cheap; others may be expensive, but then as they all say, “no pain, no gain”!

farsite review
A typical in-game system.

In addition, there’s an airdrop competition going on, which allows players not just to get a chance to win an airdrop, but also enables them to get the necessary materials needed for their journey within the game.

Finally, the pre-order phase will come this December 2, while the pre-alpha phase. By then, we will be able to see more features of the game!

Personally, I am excited to see the future direction of the game – even at this point, the game’s proof-of-concept already looks promising.

Going to the airdrop event, there are certain tasks (mostly on social media) that one is supposed to do in order to unlock the game’s starter ship. There are progressively increasing amounts of rewards in store for those who are dedicated to finishing the tasks in the said event.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this Farsite review – and you found something useful!

If you want to play the game, you can join here now!

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