April 19, 2024
highest-earning mobile mech games
Want to know the top teams in different mobile mech games?

Inevitably, in any game that we follow, we want to know who the top dog is and take pleasure in meeting or beating them on the field.

With that being said, here are the top clans to watch out in each mobile mech game:

Who is the top team in War Robots?

Easy. Base it on two premises: If you are asking about the current world champion, then it should be Scrap Yard Kings (SYK). However, if you are asking about the perennial number one, it would be Korea’s KOR (they are top one in the rankings plus they got second place in the last world championship). With that being said, many clans are following closely behind…and could take their heads off in an actual tournament (given the same hangar levels).

To be among the top, you need skill, tactics and money. For real. Right now, big rollers like Band of Brothers, NS Dark Elite, GODZ, HC, Emr-i Alem (yes, that’s Turkish orthography for you), Pandemonium, Albayrak and a Chinese team round out the top 10 in Android (iOS, I only heard of VOX and Aurora Nova, so I’m not exactly that familiar with the landscape there at the moment).

Except for Six-Pack League, where teams like Blacklist, Nova Rising, Tricky Tadpoles and HoH on Android (then Hard Reapers, Black Plague and Rule Breakers on iOS) can rule the game with their level 6 hangars. Everyone’s level 6, there’s room for only one Ancilot – so everyone is on fair ground more or less.

But if you do, then you will be feared by all…

Besides, your name will be known across the skies.

Who is the top team in Mech Battle?

The game has just done its first official tournament, with Mayton’s (Musashi from WR) GFYS taking the top spot, followed by OATH and a couple of others (the others here, to say, are quite many already, thus getting the honor of being among the first clans to be at the top of the MB food chain). While the community is small, it is already extremely active – so expect this list to be in flux pretty soon as more tournaments come by. Yes, there are already clans who are trying to get to the top of the game as early as this moment.

It’s quite easy to be able to get a good hangar in this game, so it basically boils down to whose team has the better adaptation, teamwork and skills to boot.

Simply the game that screams: Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Who is the top team in Battle of Titans?

While there’s no surefire top clan at the moment, four clans share the honor of being the most decorated group inside this game: RUDE, Iron Smiles, GGCo and Crazy Latinos carry a good amount of reputation in this title.

Well – with the announced revival of the game by Red Button (they surely felt the heat from their other mobile mech cousins), the next 12 months are going to be interesting.

Who are the top teams in other mech titles?

Robot Warfare does not have a clan system yet, so it is not easy . Meanwhile, the Mech Wars and Robokrieg communities are non-existent. Finally, WWR is still too small for sampling.

Hope you enjoyed this piece! Thanks for reading!

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