May 22, 2024
Have you ever seen a nationwide Mobile Legends haiku contest? Read on!
haiku contest

In what could be one of the first attempts in modern Philippine esports and gaming history to bring the intersections between gaming, literature, and culture into a unified whole, VkzGaming and national poetry group The Next Poets Society launches a nationwide ML haiku contest.

Open to all Filipinos, each participant can compose a Mobile Legends-based haiku with a ML-based background picture with the theme ‘ML AT ANG LARO NG BUHAY” (Mobile Legends and the Game of Life). The rest of the directions are placed on the organizers’ page.

The deadline for entries is set on July 31 at 3 p.m.

What does having a nationwide ML haiku contest mean?

Considering that gaming is now part of the zeitgeist of this age, it is inevitable that gaming, literature, and culture will come at a crossroads. This is a great opportunity to expose gamers to literary trends, and for writers to synchronize the connections between modern culture, games, and writing.

Of course, for the potential winners of the poetry competition, cash prizes, popularity – and most importantly, readership awaits for the people who write these poems and get to the final round.

Everyone wins in this contest: the organizers, the players, everyone. Full stop.

This is actually a very good way to provide engagement to the Mobile Legends community and the greater gaming community at large.

If this proves to be successful (and aspiring writers make fantastic pieces), expect more of these things to happen in the future at a larger scale.

What is an haiku and how do I compose it?

Considering that in all probability, professional poets and writers are going to be part of the jury, participants should do some reading on what a haiku is and how do haiku forms look like when written by both traditional and modern writers.

In its most basic sense, a haiku should have 17 syllables in three lines (5-7-5), should have a connection with nature, and use seasonal or weather words in order to create an image in the reader’s mind.

Going a bit deeper, you can try to juxtapose nature with a question or point regarding human nature, life in general, or in this case – Mobile Legends.

A haiku can be constructed in two parts: First, one can describe the setting, followed by the subject and the action in the second and third lines. Most haiku (the plural of haiku is haiku, as it is for words such as sheep) end with a noun, though you are more than free to break some of these rules when you’re comfortable with it (and have a ton of experience doing poetry of any form).

Finally, follow the maxim “show, not tell” – that is, allow the reader to experience the story through actions senses, and feelings, rather than through your exposition and description.

Here’s the criteria to allow you to visualize what you need to do:

• Relevance to the theme and Content = 40%

• Creativity = 30%

• Originality = 15%

• Background Design = 15%

Finally, here’s the prize pool – it’s small, but at least let’s be appreciative of the fact that there are people who advocate and push awareness/encourage production in the field of Philippine writing:

1st Place — Php 1500 or 1500 diamonds

2nd Place — Php 1000 or 1000 diamonds

3rd Place — Php 500 or 500 diamonds

5 Consolation Prizes — Php 100 each or 100 diamonds each

Eight poems will be chosen by the secret jury for the final round.

What are you waiting for? If you are an ML player and believe you can actually do some writing, then this is your chance to write, express yourself, and produce something!

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