February 21, 2024
Some personal viewpoints on PH CSGO. Opinions belong to the author...and as usual, sources are hidden!

So, the Philippine Super Shuffle is now happening.

The very concept of this thing happening in the middle of the season (and a tad bit earlier than the international summer break) is just too strong to ignore.

  1. Top teams have all shuffled: Fractals, Audacity, Mineski and ArkAngel have shuffled (and even disbanded, depending on how one defines the term): This one is pretty much in the bag despite the lack of official announcements.

These are already facts.

  1. With this being said, Mindanao teams are now experiencing a shuffle: Except for the teams that come from Zamboanga City (they already shuffled at the beginning of the year and are quite determined not to disband unless they actually have very compelling personal reasons to do so), some players in the region are planning to field new rosters.

One team is planning to combine players into a possible “star team” (note that this is not a super team, but a team consisting of good role players and stars from former Mindanao squads).

The fact that there are already two Davao-based teams (South and HAWD) should be a cause for pause – will it be possible that Jhun “FRIGHT” Dadole and Edgar “GAR” Acasio would join one of these teams….or will they go the “recruit some players and make a new team” route?

  1. ArkAngel will have one new team (no two teams, sad). As a matter of fact, they got a new coach, as well as new replacements for their lineup!

The question is whether the new roster will be as strong as the old one.

  1. Mineski changes: Will Mineski get their old lineup? Will Mineski get a new lineup? None of these are assured yet, but with the fact that many expect them to have one (whether for national or international competitions), expect one roster to come out soon.

And oh – is Mineski still willing to invest into CS:GO? This is the question.

Surprises galore!

  1. There are other viewpoints…but better to leave them for some other time…

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