June 18, 2024

As part of its campaign to help players deal with the game, as well as to entice players to stay in the game, Stellaris Galaxy Command on Mobile gave everyone a FREE SPECIAL GIFT code with numerous items!

Here is a quick shot of the content of the code – while the package is not as hefty as before, the contents should be useful for everyone! It may not be very useful for old players who may have a metric ton of resources; however, the new (and non-paying/struggling) players get to benefit the most out of this care package by Paradox and Game Bear:

stellaris galaxy command

3X 1 Hour Speed Ups
1X 3 Hour Speed Up
1X 8 Hour Speed Up
1X Jump Calibrator
10X 15 Minutes Repair Speed Up
6X 1 Hour Repair Speed Up

In addition, they have allowed people from Servers 6 to 8 to migrate into the new Dawn Servers!

Are you still excited for the future of Stellaris Galaxy Command on Mobile? Or are you planning to move on somewhere else? Before you do so, come on and hop into the server to forge your destiny…or to perish trying! Hurry up and get into the action!

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