June 18, 2024
Stellaris Galaxy Command on Mobile has launched on June 29 amidst tons of events, fanfare, contests, and codes! Want to know about them? Read on!

Stellaris Galaxy Command on Mobile has launched on June 29. Right now, the game has a Pirate Hunting event, a Wreckage Collection event, a Caravaneers event, and a Fleet Strength Increase event all at the same time! Most importantly, they gave everyone in the game (both old and new players alike) a FREE LAUNCH code with numerous items!

Here is a quick shot of the content of the code – the package is quite hefty. While it is very useful for old players, the new players get to benefit the most out of this care package by Paradox and Game Bear:

stellaris galaxy command

Here’s a quick recap of the contents:

1 Jump Calibrator (useful for teleporting anywhere in the server instantly)
2 Gas packages (1050 each)
2 Gel packages (1050 each)
2 Supply packages (10500 each)
4 Level 1 Flagship Metals Selection Crate I
2 Level 1 Flagship Metals Selection Crate II
24 Research Speed Up (5 min)
12 General Speed Up (5 min)
2 Mineral packages (10500 each)
1 2nd order core
24 Shipbuilding Speed Up (5 min)
24 Repair Speed Up (5 min)

Now is the best time to enter the game as a new player, as Paradox is planning to open up around 100 new servers in the upcoming future!

Are you excited for the future of Stellaris Galaxy Command on Mobile? Come on and hop into the server to forge your destiny…or to perish trying! Hurry up and get into the action!

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