June 15, 2024
What are the implications of ArkAngel winning their first SEA championship?

There is one prevailing narrative in Philippine CS:GO that never seems to go away.

This narrative has always figured conversations of the local scene.

We never won an Asian tournament of any size since 2016, except from a couple of high finishes in comparable tournaments.

The fact that there are significant gaps between notable placings for Filipino teams in Asian tournaments, let alone first-place finishes, shows something in terms of tournament performances against counterparts from the larger Asian region.

Now, ArkAngel CSGO, with their championship win in the fourth season of the Mogul CS:GO Shootout tournament, is a big thing for them. It is also a big thing for Philippine CS:GO.

In addition, they have every opportunity to add more first -place finishes and notable placings in other tournaments: Between the talent, skill and the teamwork that these players display so far, there’s no wonder why they are running on a hot streak at the moment.

Practically speaking though, teams will just continue on their own path, regardless of the wins that the rest of their counterparts get.

However, there may be teams or people who can still be inspired by this win…and it is hoped that the local landscape may be changed one way or another.

Personally, I was happy when I saw the scoreline on Overpass, as well as the way they played on Mirage.

Finally, it’s time to let away those frustrations and celebrate for even once!


Cheating in a SEA tournament?

Well, things are yet to be proven, but if many of the professional players are to be believed, Ace Gaming was said to have hacked and slashed their way to fourth place of this edition of the Mogul CS:GO Shootout tournament.

Bwiset. Mindanao team na naman hahaha.

Iyak na lang ako.

I hope that the team will prove me wrong by being able to stand on their own in a LAN tournament. Oh, did I say that Cyberia Gaming Hub will have a P20,000 mid-sized tournament this coming July 20?

Davao is just near your place, go there and show to the boys how it’s done!

This is your chance to prove them wrong.

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